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  2. Acknowledged. Contact 5500 to get it sorted.
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  4. Need full LSIA perms, @DrJoseEviI can approve. Thanks in advance.
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: 2114 S. San Andreas Blvd, Idlewood, Los Santos Description: A sweet mid-sized shop for your new business ventures! Has a back garage too with a storage space. Images: Starting Bid: $35,000 Minimum Increase: $1,000 Buyout: $50,000 Auction Ends: 31st of May, 2019 | OBO Contact: Dinoco Ltd, 5500
  6. The only thing I liked. : ) Just kidding, great job!
  7. howly shit, nice gl with that.
  8. ゆのしのぶ (Yuno Shinobu) 約 First Name: Shinobu; Last Name: Yuno; Age: 18 years; Birthdate: September 17th 2000; Place of birth: Kyoto, Japan; Current residence: Glen Park, Los Santos.; Family: Father: Alive in Tokyo, Japan; Mother: Dead, buried in Tokyo, Japan; Yuno Shinobu is a 18 years old teenager, she recently moved in Los Santos. 幼年期. Yuno's Childhood. Yuno was born at Kyōto Teishin Hospital (〒604-8798 Kyoto, 京都市中京区六角通新町西入西六角町109), her parents on their names Asuka, her mother and Demura, her father. Yuno was their single child, she has no brothers, no sisters. Once she grew up, she went to Kyoto Municipal Seishin Elementary School (中立売下る菱丸町173), finished Kyototachibanachugakko Koto School. About the age 4, at her birthday, she had a small party with her family and her relatives. She had alot of presents, most of them were dolls or plushies, but her uncle Motome gave her a toy car. It was a 1986 Toyota Corolla. Yuno loved it, she was playing with it all day long. She grew up studying and really being into cars. When she finished middle school, her uncle took her to a kart race track. She loved it so much she saved money to buy a racing wheel for her PC. She wouldn't get outside, she would play drifting and racing games all day. Until 2016. when she got bored of games, she wanted to try a real car, a real fast car. ((LISTEN WHILE READING)) 始まり... This is where it begins... 2017 - Yuno's mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her family had no money to pay for the treatment, all they had was hope希望 7 months later - Yuno's mother died of lung cancer, her family was shocked, destroyed. Yuno would spend less time at home and a lot more at her friend's garage, trying to get over it. Her dad, Demura, became an alcoholic, he would abuse and beat Yuno everytime she came home. She became very distant with her friends, with her family and relatives. She got into a really deep depression, she didn't know what to do. She tried to kill herself twice, she was thinking of moving, she was thinking of stealing a car and just run away, she was lost. 2018 - Yuno passed the driving test, getting herself a driving license. Her friend borrowed her a car, 1996 Toyota Tacoma. She started to forget about everything, driving all day long, going to car meetings, racing people. She had the life she always wated. 2019 - Yuno's father found a new woman in his life to replace her mother, she moved in at their house. Yuno's friend told her he needs the car back, he has money problems and wants to sell it. Yuno got pissed, she packed everything, her clothes and her money that she had left, got in her friend's car and ran away. April 2019 - We find Yuno moved in Los Santos. She is thinking of starting a new life, new opportunities. She wanted a garage, she wanted a place where she can work on cars, but she has no money. She opened herself a small tailor shop, customizing and designing clothes and tries to advertise it so she can get enough money to afford a garage. May 2019 - Yuno had enough money to buy a garage, she was cleaning up the tailor shop, she found the car, full of dust, her uncle gave her when she was little. Right after she went on internet, searching for the exact same car. She found it with a decent price, contacted the owner and bought it. She finds this guy George, he has a garage where he works on different cars. She tells him he wants it to be stronger and faster. Yuno left the car at George's garage, now she's back at her tailor shop, working hard for that desired garage. **I will update this as the character develops**
  9. Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: You cannot withdraw a bid after it has been noted by the auctioneer. Still the leading bid with STARTING.
  10. Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: On what grounds has this been closed? You cannot withdraw an item before 3 days have passed from the time of you putting it on auction.
  11. earthquake following with a nuclear plant explosion at docks then a meteor hits LS which causes flooding then after a week Metallica comes to Santa Marina beach to morale citizens of LS ps:billie eilish or xxxtentacion concert might do too
  12. Seems people love a good flood, but a BBQ event would be fun. Why not a flood during a BBQ, caused by an earthquake? Lul.
  13. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2017 Vehicle brand: Ford Vehicle make: Mustang Shelby GT350 VIN: Hidden Mileage: 350 Description: A beast. Glues to the road; even while turning at high speeds. Max speed is around 230 Km/h. Custom rims and a few interior modifications along with medium window tint. Images https://i.imgur.com/ZViBjbJ.png https://i.imgur.com/RZxsxRc.png Starting bid: 50,000 Minimum increase: 5,000 Buyout: 75,000 Auction end date: 30/05/2019 Contact details: Cellphone: 737647 / LSChat: Uproar#7018 (( Discord ))
  14. Flood has been done so many times, you have a sperg like stimulus if you still enjoy it if after playing through the previous two. I'd suggest something fresh this year. How about an amplified version of the sand/dust storm weather which is still somewhat credible as we're loosely based on California?
  15. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Dodge Vehicle make: Challenger SRT Demon VIN: 22240 Mileage: 4 Description: Selling a virtually brand new 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, hardly used and deserves to be owned by someone who will use it. Top Speed 152mph for all those speed lovers out there. Vehicle handles great and would be a fantastic addition to anyone's collection. Images Starting bid: 100000 Minimum increase: 10000 Buyout: 160000 Auction end date: 28th May 2019 Contact details: To be given to winner
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