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  2. Ten times better than LSRP? Nah. Maybe you think so just because the economy is fucked and have only seen the Idlewood street factions. But LSRP's illegal faction scene is ten times better than Owlgaming's. I played there, and the RP experience was ten times better than Owlgaming's sub-par RP community. You don't have to wait from thirty minutes to an hour just to get something done, you don't have to wait 3 weeks to get something done through Forums. There actually is RP there, and there is people that don't only care about money or other assets, in Owlgaming most of the active roleplayers only care about that. You don't have every other legal roleplayer being british and owning a CCWP. The cops there aren't on-duty 24/7 and they actually RP instead of being robocops. I don't even play there but what you said aint true at all. What you said just proved my point, this is supposed to be a text-based ROLEPLAY. Not a stunt/freeroam server, because that's what it feels like right now, hmm I wonder where the playerbase went. Yeah it's probably the exams or the holidays man.
  3. owlgaming is still ten times better than LSRP ps mogs doesn't have /history of 36 deathmatch records 10 powergaming and 7 metagaming through /pm's ingame. Plus If Chaos said that then that's considered as a rule since his word is strong as christian bible does Also I think people really should stop complaining about bum lol he literally doesn't care whatever people say to him he just comes to fuck around and disappears usually.
  4. Lol, this topic is still active ?
  5. FT should communicate with UAT and other admins more, instead of making dumb decisions. Couple months back, FT made "The hoodlums" faction established, justifying it just because they was 'active'. Chaos, Wright didn't even know about this. We had to contact them ourselves, the faction was constantly breaking the rules and FT didnt take upon it. Also why is there illegal FT members who don't know anything about illegal RP? FT is so inactive too, like three months back we made a FT contact about making crack cocaine, we never even got it started. We waited for two weeks or more, gave out the locations and everything needed. FT just takes too long with the contacts, aint trying to wait two weeks to get something started in a RP server. Vubstersmurf and Mrfocus are literally carrying the whole FT.
  6. Dont know if that's possible, we got admins who allow fucking around/trolling and even do it themselves. Bum has been banned so many times, yet unbanned. There was a video where mogs, bum and his friends fucked around, trolled, and stunted off hills etc. Mogs allowing all this, when we contacted Chaos about this, he literally allowed it. "Fucking around is fine as long as no other players are around or you do it in a no rp zone" I'm wondering if this is a serious roleplay server or a stunt server.
  7. can i appeal yet mate

  8. alright can this be lock and archived ive finished my homework for the summer holidays now cheers for answering the survey
  9. "Following review of the United States v. Allmon, it is important to note the distinction is that said Defendant was subject to a plea agreement with the Government and so was tied to testify since he had waived his rights by agreeing to the terminology of the plea, and to my knowledge, Mr Wilson has made no much agreement to testify, unless the Prosecution is able to provide such? I am somewhat in agreement with Chief Justice Vanderbilt, however, since the case has not concluded, I am unable to use such as proper judicial precedent. However, for the purposes of discovering all legal facts, and following outbursts made by the Defendant earlier in the case I am sworn by precedent to allow the motion that the Court shall declare Mr. Wilson a hostile witness, which in legal terms means that the Defendant may be asked leading questions. And unless evidence or further caselaw is shown by the Prosecution, the fifth amendment is still applicable." (( @Zebulon @Restrepo ))
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IjZpPToGOg
  11. the most effective way ive had to getting someone elses car is by CKing them and looting their pockets. they wont be needing it anyways at that point so there's usually never a dispute. ive pulled off actual heists for statwhore's Lamborghinis and I wont name names but once you take their precious vehicle theyll actually quit the server.
  12. happy birt dey zac okuuurtt smeth 

    1. zac


      cheers jerry christmas x

  13. Unitts

    Happy birthday Charava

    1. zac


      nice one charva, its me pc bill bacon

  14. Script

    happy birthday lemonhead. u probably won't see this till the next week considering you'd be pretty shagged and drunk till then xx

    1. zac


      hehe thank u script : ) x

    2. fortnitejohnWick


      happy birthday zac when u playing out

  15. nnew screen shots arre comiming toda y and free downlod fortnite movie bruh 360p
  16. Habby birthday :")  <3 

    1. zac


      nice one fella xx

  17. Hope everyones having a good day

    1. Script


      all good mate

    2. Awesome


      Just enjoying the hot summer x

  18. @Vubstersmurf - Sorry, but no... BUT I am coming back in a couple of days so I'm gonna try to get it back up.
  19. owl season v: all deaths

  20. Because the end result is them losing their vehicle, they will still sadly devolve into /b and refuse to respond 😕
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