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  3. I think there should be an emphasis drug use and effects otherwise we would have the same situation where people buy drugs to keep or VM. There should to be some kind of effect or perk to using a drug so it can be sold frequently.
  4. https://gyazo.com/b7501a75e6c8db8edc6952fc99c68005
  5. I don't want to put the cart before the horse here but generally speaking we're looking for ways to improve every aspect of V so the script is as intuitive and seamless as possible, so, that'll include "criminal features". We're always keeping an ear out for what players are seeking in this sector but it's important to remember that lots of features overlap. For example, a scripted house alarm at face value might seem like a "legal feature" (Not a fan of breaking down features into sectors like this because so many of them apply universally but I'm sure you know what I mean.) at first to help people protect their homes but it's equally an "illegal" or "criminal feature" where the process to break into a home is more streamlined and requires less admin intervention, log checking, etc, so that the process is quicker. In theory with such a system there would be no need for the admins to call the cops VIA an NPC call, if the alarm activated, then it would happen automagically. This sort of principal works across several types of features. Take for example rented vehicles. You can rent a car as a law abiding citizen but equally you could be a criminal using a rental vehicle of course. To drill down on more specific "criminal features" though we're looking into things like having more than just visual effects for drug usage (health boosts and such perhaps), addiction, purity, and manufacturing for some drugs such as shake and bake meth or growing your own marijuana as two examples. We want to make the acquiring of precursor chemicals and illicit items for this production available to players through "quests" and other scripted methods so there's less time waiting for approval of stuff. The same applies for acquiring guns for individuals and factions. Eventually guns being customizable is a goal to create a more diverse gun market as well. Finally, being able to break into vehicles and steal them are being looked into as scripted features as well. Those things I just listed are not all launch features, however, they are planned features that we have among our very exhaustive list that will be getting worked on immediately after launch with regular updates. We're always accepting donations!
  6. if u wanna go to hell then go down the road

  7. Just to clarify, factions that are starting out on V are all on the same playing field. Nobody has an "official" status at all nor is set up to get continued support from FT apart from their initial drop. The two existing MTA factions have subforums because: A) We copy and pasted the forum structure and 2) they have a for sure number of players being moved over so it's likely we will be promoting them. However a lot of the new factions that are also getting support could very well appear there too. I don't like the attitude of "continuing" what was started on MTA. In fact, it's mixing to bring over any character development from MTA.
  8. The offer will stand also in the future. Let me know if you guys need some cash money
  9. Lua support is not a 'feature' to us. We have no intention of changing clients at the moment
  10. Yesterday
  11. Wasn't aggressive or very defensive, I was just explaining logic of the decision from an FT members point of view (but ok). Diversity in leadership isn't a requirement, as long as capable people are leading these factions, and the criterias are being met, it wouldn't necessarily make sense to choose leaders for official factions, out of a group people who haven't proven themselves capable or earned the title of official status, especially on MTA. Specifically, I will use my faction as an example (as I know more about what I have planned than the others). The structure, story and business plan for it is entirely different than what we had going on in MTA, so it is unique in it's own way. The roleplay atmosphere itself for my faction is different as well, so it's not a blatant copy paste of what we had on MTA. We're starting from the bottom like every other player, albeit with additional assistance from FT because we're an official faction, so development will still occur and everyone will have their own unique story. I don't notice a lack of uniqueness or diversity when V is going to be a new experience itself, new characters, new stories, new scripts, new everything, everything will be different so it's literally impossible to say something will be unoriginal compared to MTA. The decision to transfer official faction leaders over is to ensure we have capable people in these positions to provide roleplay, it's not about being unique, its to ensure we have capable people.
  12. ארלו ויצמן || ARLO WEIZMANN || || DOB : May 4th 1970 || || Baton Rouge, LA || ((story to be added soon))
  13. You're right here, I was preset at the launch of said other MTA roleplay server, it had a huge launch playerbase but the main problem in my eyes was that there was no way to get our illegal, neither our legal faction to start because there was no one who could supply us. Starting a server with everyone from scratch looks good on paper, but doesn't work in an RP world. Just imagine setting up a town when no one has a job and no stores around.
  14. still livin

  15. Wait, you don't need to go so defensive about the subject firstly. I was barely giving an opinion and I will continue my POV to answer you appropriately. I am all hands up for a small head start for the illegal faction and especially the legal sector, I did not say there shouldn't be one. But having the same official factions from MTA transferred so blatantly to V affects the eventual potential of a new storyline to develop itself. Sure you put the sweat and tears to acquire the official status on MTA but we are going to treat V as a different universe, right? Hence your hard work stays on MTA. It is not a back pedalling logic, it is diversity and uniqueness. Nobody is questioning your or anybody else's leadership or capacity, I never mentioned something along those lines. There is no need to go passive-aggressive like that.
  16. Because it will most likely make the "MTA-universe" (to give it a name) shrink. I'm afraid you might notice that a high on players in the "V-universe" will lead to a low in the "MTA-universe" and vice-versa.When a faction leader is online, the members are more likely to be. The risk is also that, when taking the same leaders, you get the same faction-composition as well. That would be unfortunate for the diversity and storylines. The same will happen with the administration team, I think. But there, the actual RP/storylines will be less affected. But either way, it's an easy way to fill the gap in the "V-universe" and will make it immediately attractive to other RageMP-users, who don't know Owl. By the way, good job on this project, @Daniels. It's impressive. I will most likely come check it out.
  17. As a gov player, I send to you all @ertidog @AlbanianMafia @Kevin and @Immaculate , my regards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx40udwQvZI Joking, best of luck!
  18. You're basing this off of the fact that we'll only be getting players that come over from MTA. What about the players that're currently in the GTA V roleplaying community looking for a good server. See that Owl Gaming is open but the server's full because we're limited to 128 players?
  19. Factions need to be present when the server launches, both legal and illegal roleplay must be provided. Most, if not all chosen factions are starting with the bare minimum, and receive one or two small handouts. How do you expect the illegal market to begin if no one is at a stage where they can receive weapon or drug drops, or be able to do things that an official faction can, such as exporting vehicles? The faction leaders chosen to move over are obviously capable, as they lead their official factions on MTA, so why wouldn't they be able to continue something they (on average) worked a year or so for? It took me around a year or so to reach official status, so having 2+ years being thrown down the drain is a major bummer, especially when I am, and others are still capable of providing the quality of roleplay expected from an official faction, it's back pedalling logic to force us to start from the bottom all over again when there is no one left to fill the power vacuum that a official faction provides.
  20. I have a question regarding the factions subject. Since we are not allowed to transfer any characters, stats and whatsoever in the parallel universe of V, why are official factions allowed to keep their status across? A much better option, at least in my personal opinion, is to have everybody and I mean everybody start from scratch and allow themselves to develop properly and freely.
  21. yeah but still. I am just offering ya know
  22. I doubt we’ll be changing platforms this late in to development, bye bye 2 years or so of work
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