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Sabre Logistics - Order Form (IC)

Please make sure when you are ordering items from Sabre Logistics, the items you are ordering comply with all laws and regulations. Examples of these items are pepper spray or anything weapon related.

  • (( ZIP Code = Interior ID ))

  • Provide a screenshot of your property.

  • Please ensure you place each item onto a new line and follow our format. Amount - Item Name - Model Name, e.g. 10x - Metal Fence - prop_premier_fence_01 ((LINK OF PRODUCT))

    Use the object IDs from this website - https://forge.plebmasters.de/objects/

  • I agree that the information given will be used by the Sabre Logistics staff members and if we believe any items appear suspicion said information will be given to the authorities for further investigation. I also understand that Sabre Logistics members have the right to deny any order if they see fit.

  • Type tags separated by commas.
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