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General Administration - Reinstatement (OOC)

A form wherein former GAT members may apply once more in order to regain their position and become part of the Owl Gaming Staff once more.


Below are a list of rules and conditions an applicant must live up to or have in order to reinstate into the administration team.


  • Prior removal due to inactivity.
  • Must have been an administrator for two consecutive weeks.
  • Must receive a positive vote of at least 2/3 majority on the reinstatement application by existing Upper Administration members.

Head Administrators may overrule a decision for reasons such as unpublished proof, biased opinions of voting members, etcetera.

Not Eligible-

  • Prior removal for anything other than inactivity.
  • Failure to maintain a good attitude and etiquette in the community whilst outside of the administration team.
  • Failure to pass the trial phase during prior tenure.
  • Players have been away from administration for more than 12 months.

If the reason for removal is due to personal or familiar issues, the reinstatement application may not be denied solely based on that.

Additional Information-

  • Only one reinstatement application may be made every month.
  • Successful reinstatements will result in attaining a rank one below the previously held rank.
  • Auxiliary staff team reinstatements must be done through the auxiliary staff team leader.

  • At time of removal or resignation.

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