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  2. Lmao I’m calm. Just letting you know that I have won. As letting others know. ((Lmao calm down guy, im perfectly calm. Don’t know why you think otherwise. ))
  3. Well I still bidded before the auction ended. I’ve lost auctions in the past this same way. Please clarify @iii
  4. To an extent it is yes, but most of those things you described can be handled by /report not forums as OP stated. I remind that this thread is about solutions, if you have ideas that can solve some of these issues please speak up. Reducing hand holding is difficult as it often introduces RPG elements that people hate.
  5. (( But he also didn't confirm your bid so I'm not sure which one of you won the car here. All I know is the auction ended 1 hour ago.))
  6. ((Sure idc too be honest hah)) @Andreww Has won the auction
  7. ((Yes, as I am the winner. He never specified a time of day.)) ((He didn’t, I bidded 10 minutes before the auction ended.))
  8. (( I'm not an auction master but according to the rules regarding auctions. When no specific time on the day has been given. It defaults to when the day begins following server time. Which means that when the server's clock struck 00:00, the auction ended. Hope that answers your question. ))
  9. Well, after 4 years..... sorry, 4 amazing years, I decided it was time to take that next step with the love of my life. When you find someone you have so much in common with, its easy to see why some people fall really hard. Don't know how many people here believe in fate, or a higher power, but I no longer have any doubt. Let me explain why. I'm not what you would call a maverick when it comes to the fairer sex. I've only ever had 2 girlfriends, and the first one didn't end up so well. Then I met the most incredible woman you could ever meet. We have so many of the same interests, but even scarier though, was how many times we crossed paths in our lives, and had no idea. We went to the same elementary school and had no idea, went to the same high school and never knew it. Then I started at the Community Living London support program, and she caught my eye. As I have *ahem* confidence issues, I decided to ask one of the staff if they knew if she had a boyfriend. At the time, she did. But that didn't deter me, because when we were together that day in the program, I could sense something between us. Honestly I wasn't sure what it was, but something told me to not give up. A year later, I learned that things didn't work out between her and her previous boyfriend. I knew it was now or never. So I asked her if she wanted to go to the movies. Now here we are, 4 years later, and I couldn't imagine being with anyone else, or being without her for that matter. I believe from my very core that someone up there wanted us to be together. Theres no other way to explain it. So, on April 18th, 2019, I asked her if she'd marry me. I didn't really have to wait for the answer, because I knew it would be a resounding yes. I know she won't see this post, but I'm just to happy not to share this with all of you, because even though we've never met, and I've had my differences with some of you, I consider each and every person on here a friend. After 4 years, here we are. Starting our life together, not knowing what this world has in store for us.
  10. ((Server time is 12am right now. Your auction ends on 4/20. Which server time is 4/20. I have won the auction. Please clarify @iii)) @christhebanana1

    1. klippan


      shut the ufck up

    2. TheNeonGuy


      @klippan I'M CALLING THE POLICE

  12. ** The following coupon would be spread throughout Los Santos, and as a banner in websites like craigslist ** ((Coupon (50EASTER19) can be used at the checkout page, only available online at https://lspawn.xyz ))
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  14. Name: Auctioneer Comment: Lowered starting bid to $60 000, added information.
  15. Unitts

    Fisher Security

    Was a good run boys but simply don't have the time for this. L&Aing it as nobody has stepped forward to take over. Thank you for everyone who assisted.
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