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  2. Noted, you're leading. @Smokiegun Outbid.
  3. Smokiegun

    Car - 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 [ENDS: 2/25/2019]

    Bump! Come get this special vehicle for the low!
  4. Name: Private ⛔ Bid: $98,000
  5. Today
  6. noskill

    [BUYING] A daily driver car

    Soz, not heavily into rust. Thanks for the heads up tho, edited it and will keep in mind now need to add a corsa or smth
  7. Park

    [BUYING] A daily driver car

    >180SX >S14 🤔
  8. RileyBaxter

    Car - 2001 Jaguar XKR [ENDS: March 2nd 2019]

    Name : ok bid : 15,000
  9. RileyBaxter

    [BUYING] A daily driver car

    christ you dont ask for much do you
  10. MrFocus

    The Forgotten Ones

    It be like that
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    2. Ambidextrous


      mä söin sun iltapalan toisaspäivänä 

    3. WickJeffe
    4. Ambidextrous


      wallah billah nussin sut ymmärraksa veli,,

  12. Karezta13

    Car - 2001 Jaguar XKR [ENDS: March 2nd 2019]

    Noted! Leading.
  13. Claws

    { - MH - Automotive - }

    Good stuff. Good luck mate.
  14. ReeMoO

    { - MH - Automotive - }

    Good luck with this!
  15. BremboBG

    Car - 2001 Jaguar XKR [ENDS: March 2nd 2019]

    Name: Private Bid: starting
  16. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2001 Vehicle brand: Jaguar Vehicle make: XKR VIN: Inquire Mileage: 58,xxx Description: Selling the car i bought not a long ago from an auction. Modded according to the last owner, pushing around 600 horsepower. The car goes 235 kmph (146 mph). List i got from the previous thread. - Parts List - - Lowered on Ceika type 1M coilovers - Jaguar XK8 4.0 98+ UltraRacing 2-Point Front Upper Strutbar - Jaguar XK8 4.0 98+ UltraRacing 3-Point Rear Lower Brace - Jaguar XK8 4.0 98+ UltraRacing 4-Point Front Lower H-Brace - Precision Turbo and Engine 160 lb/hr High-Impedance Injectors - Weldon D2015-A Fuel Pump - Jaguar XKR Performance Air Intake Tube - Jaguar XKR Performance Intake Kit - Jaguar XKR Mina Gallery (Under Axle) Performance Exhaust - Jaguar XKR Upper Supercharger Pulley - Jaguar Supercharger 4.0 V8 Lower Pulleys - Swallows Racing Performance ECU Remap Images Starting bid: $1,000 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout: N/A (( Credits goes to @Smokiegun )) Auction end date: March 2nd 2019 Contact details: [email protected] (( Forum PM )) Note: All questions about the car can be sent to the E-Mail stated above, offers sent would be denied (Starting bids, buyouts, trades). **ALL COMMENTS DISABLED**
  17. noskill

    [BUYING] A daily driver car

    E300 and 300d are two different cars... You probably meant to say E300 Diesel or E300 TD?
  18. EDR

    [BUYING] A daily driver car

    Zip it you nerd x
  19. Gazzeh

    [BUYING] A daily driver car

    Looks for e300 and then says diesel only, so u mean 300d
  20. noskill

    [BUYING] A daily driver car

    Looking to buy a car for daily driving. Mostly interested in either an SUV, Coupe or Sedan. More specifically, looking for the following models as preferred: - 2002–2014 Volvo XC90; - 2000–2013 BMW X5 (E53, E70 | non-M); - 1998–2007 Toyota Land Cruiser (J100, J200); - 1990–2006 BMW 3 Series Coupe ( E36, E46 | might consider a sedan | non-M); - 1987–2010 BMW 5 Series (E34, E39, E60 | non-M); - 1993–1999 Mercedes-Benz E300 (DIESEL ONLY); - 1997-1999 Mercedes-Benz S300 (DIESEL ONLY); - 1989–1994 Nissan 180sx; - 1989–1994 Nissan 200sx (S13, S14); - 1989–1999 Nissan 240sx (S13, S14); - 1989–1994 Nissan Skyline Coupe (R32, R33 | RWD only). If you have any, please e-mail me at [email protected] (( @noskill ))
  21. Urshankov

    [STATE] The People V. Terrance Johnson [04/01]

    "I see, the Trooper may now take back their seat. Does the Prosecution wish to call anyone or anything else before we move towards closing statements?" (( @Zebulon @JameZ ))

  23. you won, send me your number
  24. xxx


    hahaha thanks for the good laugh mate
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