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  2. Vinewood Country Club is hiring! Apply today at https://bit.ly/VinewoodJobs
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  4. Event Date: 30/05/20 Event Time: 6:45 PM (GMT+1) Yeah we're going to host another Garrysmod event, if you remember back to our occasional Game Nights, Trouble In Terrorist Town was a popular choice. This time however we're going to give you the choice that you didn't clearly have presented to you before, you can choose any of the gamemodes that you think you'd enjoy. Considering the circumstances we're unfortunately facing right now with COVID-19, I have done away with voting for the date and time as I can only assume that everybody is more available than ever. For those still working in these circumstances, I have chose Saturday just to make sure I have y'all covered. The poll will end 27/05/20 giving the Game Cave team enough time to set up and optimze the server so that it's ready for event day. It's a multi-choice poll so feel free to pick multiple gamemodes you like, you're really spoilt for choice with all those iconic gamemodes. If you have any gamemodes suggestions that aren't on the poll, go ahead and tag me with an explanation of the gamemode. You can buy Garrysmod here for £6.99 if you don't currently own it, the game can also be found for even cheaper prices on CD key websites.
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  6. happy birthday greg joplin, the courts are but a hollow shell without your presence.

  7. PRESS RELEASE - Public Defender's Office is Hiring For Public Release May 22nd, 2020 The Public Defender's Office is currently hiring lawyers to participate in the justice system to assist in defending those who cannot defend themselves in the court of law. As of the date of this press release, compensation is as follows: $15,000 For Every Completed Case $500 Every Hour (( Every Meaningful Post During The Case )) Those wishing to join the public defender's office or be on call to defend a member of the public should contact the Public Defender's Office VIA email HERE.
  8. General Information Here you will find the majority of the information you will need in order to learn how to use the courts, assuming you have sufficient, basic legal knowledge. This is geared towards informing people who are already relatively knowledgeable on how the specific systems of the courts work, rather than the laws themselves. This thread is a mixture of knowledge that is both OOC and IC. Use common sense. When & How Trials Are Used Your Rights After Being Arrested Court Rules Law Enforcement & Court Contact List Salary Disclosure Court Formats
  9. no idea how to join the gta v server, keeps spawning me as a dog..

    1. Jer


      Hop in the discord and I will help you mate

    2. JacobEscobar


      i figured it out but thanks brody

  10. San Andreas State Laws The laws which govern the State of San Andreas are as follows. Penalties and Offense Classification The Penalties and Offense Classification Act of 1992 outlines the various degrees of criminal and non-criminal violations within the state and creates a base for which all other laws are then written from. Criminal Code The Criminal Code Act of 1972 contains the bulk of the criminal statutes in the state, often referred to as a "penal code", it lists all laws commonly expected such as robbery, homicide, arson, kidnapping, torture, mayhem, and more. Uniform Traffic Control The Uniform Traffic Control Act of 1969 consists of laws related to vehicles and traffic in the state. This is a mixture of felonies, misdemeanors, and non-criminal violations along with additional information such as emergency vehicle designations. Firearm Licensing The Firearm Licensing Act of 2016 contains the principle statutes to regulate firearms and the legal possession of them in the state. Sovereign Immunity The Sovereign Immunity Act of 1991 describes the limitations of civil liability related to government agencies and employees. Stand Your Ground The Stand Your Ground Act of 2003 serves as the seminal law in the state, giving a clear blueprint of what is acceptable and not acceptable in terms of use of force for self-defense. Liquor Control The Liquor Control Act of 1977 details the laws surrounding the serving, sale, and handling of alcohol within the state. (( At the moment, all laws are a continual work in progress. Changes will be listed in a section at the bottom of every law called "Amendments". The wiki format gives us a very legible format that can be easily edited and reviewed without having to worry about copy-paste formatting errors that occur on the forums often. All new laws and major changes will always be announced in character through government publications and news articles related to "legislative sessions" and other similar events. )) (( Questions should be directed to ThatGuy VIA Discord (Dexter#0297) or the Forums. ))
  11. Eyyy good stuff on splitting drugs bug. Gotta love how quickly you guys fix it.
  12. happy birthday to the best fbi agent i know

  13. This better work, I'm losing me money on clothes - Lmao, on a serious note though, good shit most of the stuff on here was bug reported today! And has already been taken care of
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