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  3. Name: Auctioneer Comment: Lowered starting bid to $60 000, added information.
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    Fisher Security

    Was a good run boys but simply don't have the time for this. L&Aing it as nobody has stepped forward to take over. Thank you for everyone who assisted.
  5. "Don't ever think that the reason I am peaceful is because I don't know how to be violent"
  6. Upon associating yourself with the Wright DTO on an interpersonal or criminal level you automatically agree to a homosexuality clause, the leadership of Wright DTO reserve the right to forcefully probe the anus of your character for any reason they seem necessary.

    1. eoozy


      thats on folks mane 💘

  7. Hand holding and somebody actually limiting something or there being limits to something is different, without the admin team and FT a faction can only; Passively RP, Rob People, Stand around the block, open a bar. The server is admin dependent to an extent, you can't put that on factions, you need admins to do most criminal activities, people volunteer to do these jobs, nobody asked them to apply, they should be able to cover the work that comes with it.
  8. [English] Andre Bullard says: There's three type of niggas in life, namsayin? Lissen, lissen.. [English] Andre Bullard says: Niggas that make it happen, that watch it happen.. [English] Andre Bullard says: N' niggas that don't even kno' what the fuck is goin' on.
  9. howard will gladly sponsor this event
  10. Hello businesses of Los Santos! The Los Santos Easter Egg hunt is returning yet again this year and we are looking for sponsors. Becoming a sponsor is a great way for your growing business to have some exposure! Businesses who contribute will get to have our employee(dressed up in the bunny costume) state your business name and slogan after redeeming a prize! The sponsorship money will help us cover the cost of 5 winners of $5000. If you are interested in this excellent advertising opportunity, please send an email to [email protected] (( FORUM PM ))

    1. mfk



    2. mfk


      Vamp Money the best SGP since the inception

    3. klippan


      true... ain't no lie

  12. I kinda see what you mean. And it especially rings true if one character has built up a reputation of being a shit disturber (even if everything they do is completely in character, and they actuallly have purpose behind it), people tend to get annoyed by this and either don't want to play with any other characters on your account, or they may decide to target your other characters. I've never had this happen to me, and to be honest I haven't actually seen it happen to people, but I can imagine that people would get pissed off/annoyed enough to do that. Just because one character is a bit of a tool doesn't mean thats how they carry themselves on their other characters
    1. klippan


      ''Their legal endeavors characterized this, particularly their record label “Outta Town Money” which made only 7k and was shut down the same day the FT cashed out their profits.'' LMFAO I'M TRIGGERED

    2. mfk


      @klippanso u want that lean or not

  13. This is simply not viable. The real solution is to have factions be more autonomous and need less hand holding. It has nothing to do with being "lazy", it has to do with ensuring RP quality and the amount of things FT offers in the form of VMs requires a lot of work. Can you clarify? There is no such restriction.
  14. Thank to everybody for your thoughtful and positive comments! There will be more amendments coming to the thread (section of the titles as best as I can), as I can only work with a single page at the moment. I will also post screenshots/IC blogs here too.
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