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  2. Thanks Everyone. Just getting started and future screens are coming! We are still OOC recruiting for certain postions within the cartel. Should you be interested then please send me a message about your present or future characters background and how you believe they could be a good fit for our faction! Look forward to interacting with everyone on the server real soon!
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  4. Can I be on the media team now : ) ?
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  6. Interesting stuff, look forward to seeing this progress.
  7. Hmmm, interesting. Looking forward to interact with y'all. Cartel can be an interesting organization to run.
  8. This actually reminds me of a mapping/item thing I tried to get approved for a long time, same building even, back in like 2016-2017 Never got approved though sadly
  9. Cartel De Ramirez-Fernandez History: The Ramirez-Fernandez Familia Cartel are a criminal drug trafficking organization, namely, a cartel, that was founded in the early 1950s in El Salvador. The group was established by the late Ricardo Ramirez, Sofia Ramirez, and Jose Fernandez that joined forces to create a group to smuggle lucrative drugs and guns to the North American Market along with the Caribbean Market. The North American market was eventually cancelled due to the competition and dominance of Mexican Cartels. However, over the span of 30 years, the cartel was able to successfully smuggle drugs into Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and most importantly, San Andreas. This was mainly due to the help of the Fernandez family based in Honduras that controlled key ports into the Atlantic ocean. Over time, the Island of San Andreas became its key profit maker as the landscape and large mountains made it easy for drugs and guns to be smuggled in unnoticed and the rising population and city of Los Santos meant that this island in particular had the largest demand for the drugs and guns that the cartel was smuggling. On September 15th 2019, the cartel sent Gabriela Ramirez to the island to lay-low and essentially wait for the ‘green light’ to begin illicit operations and man-power to be sent in from the cartels. She waited out in the small town of Grapeseed before eventually relocating to the city where she settled in La Mesa, a Hispanic industrial town, and was given money to purchase a inconspicuous gas station. On February 13th, 2020, the man-power finally arrived. However, it was only Quitoni Fernandez, the youngest and only son of the Fernandez family that had already made a reputation for excellent organization skills and street knowledge. Together, they finally begin operations slowly and carefully. Together, Gabriela Ramirez would handle the financial and organization side of the cartel. She would be in-charge of the legal fronts and making ‘dirty’ money look clean and inconspicuous to federal authorities. While, Quitoni Fernandez would handle the street level knowledge and disbursement of drugs and guns along and have the title as ‘Lieutenant’. Our Goals and Motivations: Our Cartel seeks to show a group of new-generation cartel leaders trying to make it and appease fictional leadership back in their respective families om El Salvador and Hondorus. We are not a 'violent' cartel. Violence is only used when needed. Our goal is more economic than illegal with force only being used to send a message for anyone that try to get in the way of the cartel and their respective allies. Our Activities: Not everything we do will obviously be offered at first. We will expand small, tactically, realistically, and eventually it is our hope to do everything on this list. Money Laundering Racketeering Drug Smuggling Document Forgery Gun Smuggling CK Agreement: Pending FT approval. By joining this faction, you agree to give CK rights to the leadership of this faction at any time. Examples of how you could be CK’d: if a character ICly[OOC reasons are acceptable if given in advance. We all have real life obligations] goes AWOL from the faction. You should expect to be possibly CK’d, if found, due to our factions paranoia of betrayals and people ratting us out. Betrayals, including, harming allied factions[Legal and Illegal]. Working for the police or government LEO and you are discovered. Insubordination or general disrespect to higher ranking members. Breaking server rules repeatedly and not demonstrating RP qualities. Recruitment: We are recruiting OOCly for some leadership roles such as Hitmens and Falcons(Oversee street level groups within the cartel). Please PM @zoezoegigantic should you be interested and might have a character that may fit a leadership role. Note: For documentation purposes, OOC recruitment can only be finalized on the forums. You are also always welcome to try and join ICly. An ideal candidate would be a Hispanic person that is down on their luck, desperate for money, and also wanting a sense of family. We may accept members of other races but, if they are not from a Spanish speaking background, such as, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, etc, they may not progress much up the criminal ladder due to trust issues and possible language and cultural barriers. The IC way will allow you to start as street-level soldier and eventually move up into falcon, lieutenant, or even branch off into your own enforcer group for the cartel. Please note that character development takes time and the IC way may take a bit of dedication to move up. Faction Members, please send your screenshot album to @zoezoegigantic for review and approval before posting any.
  10. How many days a week, part time or full time contract, and how many quids a month?
  11. Hey, I'm looking to create some form of creative of media team for Owl. A group of people or an individual that would be willing to edit some feature showcases for Owl or some media/promotional images. If this sounds like something you could do, please let me know on Discord or Forum PM. If there's something I can do that you'd want in return, let me know. I was thinking GCs of course as a reward. Thanks guys/gals!
  12. L&A Had fun with this! Moving on to some new exciting projects.
  13. We are currently looking to fill the following roles in our company; Events Manager Realtor Cleaning Staff If interested, please forward your resume to: [email protected] ((Forum PM @Deez))
  14. Wolfs International Realty, a division of The Arcadius Group. Offering end-to-end real estate solutions for occupiers and investors. Located in Downtown Los Santos, the largest city in San Andreas, we attract people of all ages, professions, and backgrounds; creating a unique clientele that have a need for our many services including residential and corporate real estate and advisory. --- Services we offer include but are not limited to; Property Sales Capital Markets Landlord Representation Real Estate Management Asset Advisory Services Property Appraisal & Tax Services Project Management Tenant Representation Corporate Solutions --- We aim to provide the most affordable prices versus our competitors and a unique experience specialized to your needs and concerns. If you are interested in buying, renting, or leasing one of our properties, please contact us below. --- Contact us via email: [email protected] (( Forum PM @Deez. @Wright, @ThatGuy))
  15. *This offer would be posted again online.*
  16. *This offer would be posted again online.*
  17. Ed gives Anthony Cacciopolli a warm welcome.
  18. New Beginnings: Anthony Cacciopolli [/img]
  19. Ed gets verbally disrespected. In front of his men. He did not take it lightly.
  20. Ed & the crew pull up outside of Bahama Mamas.
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