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  3. You're right here, I was preset at the launch of said other MTA roleplay server, it had a huge launch playerbase but the main problem in my eyes was that there was no way to get our illegal, neither our legal faction to start because there was no one who could supply us. Starting a server with everyone from scratch looks good on paper, but doesn't work in an RP world. Just imagine setting up a town when no one has a job and no stores around.
  4. still livin

  5. Wait, you don't need to go so defensive about the subject firstly. I was barely giving an opinion and I will continue my POV to answer you appropriately. I am all hands up for a small head start for the illegal faction and especially the legal sector, I did not say there shouldn't be one. But having the same official factions from MTA transferred so blatantly to V affects the eventual potential of a new storyline to develop itself. Sure you put the sweat and tears to acquire the official status on MTA but we are going to treat V as a different universe, right? Hence your hard work stays on MTA. It is not a back pedalling logic, it is diversity and uniqueness. Nobody is questioning your or anybody else's leadership or capacity, I never mentioned something along those lines. There is no need to go passive-aggressive like that.
  6. Because it will most likely make the "MTA-universe" (to give it a name) shrink. I'm afraid you might notice that a high on players in the "V-universe" will lead to a low in the "MTA-universe" and vice-versa.When a faction leader is online, the members are more likely to be. The risk is also that, when taking the same leaders, you get the same faction-composition as well. That would be unfortunate for the diversity and storylines. The same will happen with the administration team, I think. But there, the actual RP/storylines will be less affected. But either way, it's an easy way to fill the gap in the "V-universe" and will make it immediately attractive to other RageMP-users, who don't know Owl. By the way, good job on this project, @Daniels. It's impressive. I will most likely come check it out.
  7. As a gov player, I send to you all @ertidog @AlbanianMafia @Kevin and @Immaculate , my regards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx40udwQvZI Joking, best of luck!
  8. You're basing this off of the fact that we'll only be getting players that come over from MTA. What about the players that're currently in the GTA V roleplaying community looking for a good server. See that Owl Gaming is open but the server's full because we're limited to 128 players?
  9. Factions need to be present when the server launches, both legal and illegal roleplay must be provided. Most, if not all chosen factions are starting with the bare minimum, and receive one or two small handouts. How do you expect the illegal market to begin if no one is at a stage where they can receive weapon or drug drops, or be able to do things that an official faction can, such as exporting vehicles? The faction leaders chosen to move over are obviously capable, as they lead their official factions on MTA, so why wouldn't they be able to continue something they (on average) worked a year or so for? It took me around a year or so to reach official status, so having 2+ years being thrown down the drain is a major bummer, especially when I am, and others are still capable of providing the quality of roleplay expected from an official faction, it's back pedalling logic to force us to start from the bottom all over again when there is no one left to fill the power vacuum that a official faction provides.
  10. I have a question regarding the factions subject. Since we are not allowed to transfer any characters, stats and whatsoever in the parallel universe of V, why are official factions allowed to keep their status across? A much better option, at least in my personal opinion, is to have everybody and I mean everybody start from scratch and allow themselves to develop properly and freely.
  11. yeah but still. I am just offering ya know
  12. I doubt we’ll be changing platforms this late in to development, bye bye 2 years or so of work
  13. Very cool! Looking forward to this.
  14. I guess we will see. If they want the 15$ dollar tier I will buy them now @Daniels Consider it if you really want it. They have LUA support which is nice
  15. An active server perk tier of one of the following types: Element Club Argentum/Aurum/Platinum Manually Granted Premium OneSync EAP Source from their official forums (Argentum seems the cheapest - 15 dollars per month... And so it seems that FiveM/One sync is prone to crash and unstable client as of the time that topic was written 2019-05-09 (Even though initial announcement was released around 2018... So I guess it was improved significantly) Nevertheless, I guess OWL V devs already chosen RageMP over FiveM so just hold onto your money mate If anything happens we will be informed.
  16. If you want I don't mind donating monthly for that? Which tier is it? The 50$ tier?
  17. why wasn't i invited to be a part of this, omg. GOOD LUCK
  18. JameZ

    Dominic Doyle - EMT

    Denied for plagiarism and subpar standards.
  19. I don't really agree with sending location in an SMS as I feel that it's not really necessary. Most places around Los Santos and the county (which is the roleplay zone) are mostly well known and easy to describe. Although realistic, working with the phone system is ass and if you really need to send a location, roleplay using Google Maps or whatever, do /getpos and send the coordinates.
  20. Hard to tell, I haven't checked on LS-RP for ages, but I'll take your word for it on this matter. Well, fair point on this one, I've noticed a significant decrease in factions activity in general and so, I stand with you on this one here. About bans, well, my point still stands. If they were banned, but not blacklisted they can always appeal for unban and join us on OWL V if they really wish to do so. Yet, I do agree that we have a bumpy road ahead of us in a matter of population, but as long as we will keep... A decent and consistent players base daily or at least weekly I am sure server will grow in time. You are right on this one (we could experience it first hand on the stream and developers themselves said that their main focus is stability and performance on the server which I wholeheartedly support). Fair points on this paragraph Even though I would love to see animal NPC's in the future (mate don't tell me you wouldn't like to hunt those deers in those vast Mount Chillad mountains? :D), citizen NPC's are really sensitive topic indeed. Some people would like to see more populated world, some don't, but I fully agree that if we sacrifice performance and stability of the server just for couple of NPC's... It's completely unnecessary. @Mills
  21. That doesn't even make any sense, summer is when the server should be thriving the most. Look at servers like LS-RP that have had their playerbase literally doubled in the summer and actually lower in other seasons. Believe me, the problem isn't youngsters looking for jobs or people going on vacation or any of that stuff: It's simply that people have moved on or were banned. The reason for this lies in the fact that factions are simply not active enough on the server, you can see the factions section for yourself. Yeah, I agree. That's always a possibility. The sync differences between FiveM and RageMP are very noticeable, but still; RageMP's support to a larger player-base as well as the %85 decent sync of cars is much better. I see no need for NPC's and animal NPC's on the street, and if we keep the NPC system just like the MTA server then it really will hardly ever pose a problem at all. But if we add 1000 NPCs roaming the streets than that's where the server will kill itself in my opinion, so I prefer if they'd just do it the same way they've done it on OwlGaming's MTA server. NPC's in general are not necessary and I am certain that overtime the RageMP community will support them further by their updates, but I'd say the issue is very minor to really bat an eye at the time being. What matters most is high-player sync and stability.
  22. I concur. The problem is it's Summer. Talking from a personal experience most of youngsters do try to find some jobs or just focus on other activities than spending their days on the computer which in my opinion links with a current decrease of members in the game. Yet, true. I doubt that a lot of current Owl members will migrate to OWL V either restricted by their computer or a lack of having legal GTA V copy. Nevertheless, I have to remind a fact that most of people who were banned but not BLACKLISTED by the community can appeal for unban and play on OWL V when it launches. Yet, GTA V RP scene is pretty strong and thriving judging by the numbers of other servers on RageMP. Some people might find their place here, yet as a community we can always spread a word about this project and recommend it to others in order to increase the numbers. In regards of two famous online clients - FiveM and RageMP... Well they have their pros and cons (personally fiveM was a lot more stable for me and support of NPC's and animal NPC's is nice, but 32 players limit is a huge turn off for me not to mention a fact that it will be so hard to expand. RageMP on the other hand has a few quirks... Had a hard time to make it work always got errors and shit until talking to community members on their official discord which pinpointed what was wrong. Yet support of an enormous players size is essential and developers seems to be always working on making that client more stable and support new features)
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