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  2. Sin Town Records is a newly founded record label, willing to provide Paleto Bay's artists with the perfect professional environment they need for their careers. Our talented team of composers, writers and producers will always ensure the highest quality. For business or partnership inquiries, send the management team an email by clicking this link.
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    alright so just gonna-
  5. Booty clap shaking dice with the strippers.

  6. I mean no matter what character you roleplay no one can ever say you don't do anything via Gov. From an FD standpoint and running a legal faction I can say I've had more interactions with you than most other Government leaders. I feel in someway people are hesitant when it goes to the Government because they're concerned it'll somehow have a negative impact on them themselves (since occasionally we do get the occasional policy that makes people question why its happening), obviously that's just like government in real life but I do think quite a few members of the community see Gov in general as a bad thing due to previous experiences which have put people off. However I do have to say and give credit where it's due that there has been a lot of good with Government who take an interest in rewarding those IC for doing certain things and also aiming to improve the community all together with different types of roleplay and so on. Sadly this is the internet and people love to disagree or start a huge random debate for the "lols" or because they're just consistently bored. Just roleplay the way you want to, and continue to aim to improve things for the community and bring further roleplay. I feel those who do that instead of pushing random agendas due to wanting to micro manage everything will always fail in terms of public support. Something which you haven't done so far and is more appreciated by the community.
  7. Depends how many trees. Though I've actually managed to get them in-game and they don't lag me. Granted I used a 750 Ti (not the best GPU but it's decent) it handled the map with breeze. You can also install this client-sided without having the server to install it. I know it takes away the idea behind the mapping but if the majority isn't up for it, what's to stop you from seeing it client-sided? I'd be up for making a tutorial on how it would be possible to get mappings to work alongside any server on RageMP. (Obviously and specifically for Owl V.)
  8. Welcome to OwlGaming! I look forward to roleplaying with you!
  9. Welcome to OwlGaming, gamer.
  10. Hi everyone! It is zoezoegigantic! Greetings all! I roleplay as Gabriela Ramirez and Jacob Knott. You will 90% of the time see me as Gabriela in the server. I help to run a small company in-game with a good friend of mine called Pandora Corp. I plan to bring some roleplay events to the server that are not at the usually GMT time. As you might have guessed by now, I am not based in GMT. So, my stores and restaurants will likely be open when it might be quite late for folks in the GMT time zone but earlier for people in the US time zone, particular US Central Time. Outside of the game, I am a full-time college student It can get pretty busy for me around mid-October to November as that is when we have the much dreaded mid-terms and final exams! Hope to see everyone around on the server! I plan to play when many people are on but have not had the chance to yet. Most times when I am on there are only 3-10 people on which is a understandable. Hoping to bring RP events both during peak and non-peak times of the server. :)
  11. Wynters

    Show yourself!

    hello, you look like Jacob Seed: (except the beard and styled hair)
  12. Sup! I RP as Dre Wynters, Luna Wynters and Celestia Wynters. Got a little family going on there, in case you haven't noticed. I'm at university studying a BSc (Hons) in Media Arts. I like to party I also love to help out where needed. I manage my own guild on an MMO with a sh*t ton of peeps (omg so cool!!!) I'm in the SD on Owl V and I play as much as I can really (and that goes for any game). Always secure the
  13. Honestly man, people will talk. It's just one of those things. And people talk about anyone. The best thing you can allow yourself to do is to not let it stress you out and continue to do what you came here to do. After all, we all have the same reasons for being here. We love playing and/or love helping out each other. Good luck!
  14. I look forward to this. It seems quite developed and interesting as I've never seen such kind of RP. Best of luck for your character.
  15. ((So, ik the formatting in this post is ugly, but im going fix that when i get home tomorrow. I'm going to be doing weekly updates of high points and memorable moments the Rebecca experiences)) WEEK 1 After selling her house in Los Santos, and buying one a few miles outside of Sandy Shores, Rebecca traded her old clunker of a car for a newer one, then she started her first shift at the Paleto Bay Station. She met Matthew Mills ((@ZythuM)) and the two of them went on a patrol. After her first shift, an emergency came up at home with her mom. She fell in the shower and broke her hip, but she fell ill at the hospital. Danny called her and told her. She took a week off of work to go be with her family in their time of need. ((So i technically only got to play for a few days before i had to leave home irl for a week))
  16. Note the edit, I have adjusted the timezone to make it easier for NA timezones to make it. It is 6PM UTC now.
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  18. Hello everybody. This is the first time I've written about this topic and I think this would be a great opportunity for me to share my thoughts about some issues brought up recently and explain this from my perspective. Two years ago, I became interested in political roleplay. It appealed to me upon joining the server then so I gave it a try. I hope to explain the events that lead up to the current state of the government on V. Back on MTA, I first got into political roleplay as Klaus Wunnenberg, a political caricature candidate. I made Klaus with the intentions to stir up political discourse in the server, which evidently did work. It was a fun time to be honest, the whole server was focused on Thomas Mengele and I, clashing on live TV broadcasts, the rallies we held against each other, the public speeches and marches my party did, et cetera. After I lost elections on Klaus when running for the District Council, I ended up going dormant on him for a year to make a faction called The Yokel Mafia with Bartiex, MrFocus and WickJeffe. Throughout that year, I was still involved with political roleplay, but from minor positions. I eventually became the Commissioner of Public Works on another alt and led that well for a while, before deciding to run for the seat of District 2. Eventually, I worked my way up to being the Deputy Commissioner under Nicholas Howard. Once Howard lost the elections, I took a step back from political roleplay again for a couple months then eventually got back into it with Klaus Wunnenberg. I ran for the position of District 1 and won it. I was semi-dormant as the Councilman of District 1, until JameZ eventually resigned as the Commissioner. I decided to run for the position of Commissioner as Klaus against JohnM. My time as Commissioner was great on MTA, and I had fixed some of the old legislation and worked with other government agencies to improve things. By objective standards, the government when I led it ran well. Alas, MTA eventually became a thing of the past for me when GTA V was announced. I was approached by Chaos and other members by the Upper Administration Team to be the first Commissioner of Owl V, as they were looking for someone with experience and the knowledge to lead it. I was already running the government on MTA, so it made sense in their minds to choose me, which I am very thankful for. Some people complained about this decision, claiming it was UAT favouritism or bias, I can assure you, this is not the case. The job was to set up the government on V, such as copying over the old ordinances and adapting them, and implementing some starter things like loans, the job had to get done and I was more than willing to do it as a successful leader of the government on MTA, on the agreement I would face a shorter term and fend for myself in the elections, so everyone has a fair shot at campaigning shortly after I set it up. When I made my character on V, I had the idea of doing a similar aesthetic and caricature to Klaus, but many people viewed this as me replicating my character from MTA, but now I realize that wasn’t the right direction. Eventually, allegations of OOC corruption surfaced shortly after the launch of V, all within the first month, people were complaining that I was embezzling money from the government to my illegal faction, which is not true. I’ve taken measures since MTA to distance my faction from the government to avoid these types of claims, because it would just be the source of OOC conspiracies and band wagons. At the moment, it is physically impossible to transfer funds from a faction F3 like you could on MTA, so it is not possible for me to pay my character or anyone else involved in other factions I’m in any money in a corrupt manner. I also have the Faction Team and the rest of UA performing oversight on me and the rest of government to ensure these types of things do not happen, if it were happening, I wouldn’t be in the government still. Those who roleplay in the government and know the day to day decisions know this kind of corruption is not possible as well. So, with all this being said, I’ve made a decision on how to proceed from here. To eliminate the claims of me recycling my character from MTA, I’ve decided to post a new political party thread, the Los Santos County Republican Party, lead by my character Richard Turner to run in the next election that anyone will be able to run in as well. I honestly love government/political roleplay, it’s one of my favourite forms of roleplay that I have genuinely enjoyed in these last few years, and it’s not something I’m looking to exploit for OOC gain. I would sincerely love to see more people getting involved with the upcoming elections. I hope this topic has provided some closure and explanation to those who were concerned, and if you ever need to reach out to me for whatever reason, hit me up on Discord or forum PM, my Discord is DrJoseEvil#1582
  19. The Los Santos County Republican Party Party Leader: Richard Turner. PREAMBLE My name is Richard Turner, I'm 42 years of age and I am a resident of Los Santos, just like you. I believe the main duty of every single person in the United States of America is to serve for their country, whether it be in the the army or following the law and paying your taxes, it is essentially the same thing, because you are helping your country, despite what group you are apart of. I am from a humble background, I currently have a Ph.D. in Medical Science and a Bachelor in Political Science. I am not a tremendous business visionary running an expansive enterprise and I don't own several organizations, instead I am an American citizen who has worked for my wage and am currently reinvesting what I can into my city. Unlike others I am not looking for a position to pick up power or a status, I am looking for a position to represent the people! To achieve a decent society we need a perfect environment for all individuals. Including a solid domain, youth welfare, and flexibility of belief without dread of System oppression or persecution. PRINCIPLES “The laws of nature and nature’s God,” and we support the strict adherence to the original language and intent of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of the United States and of San Andreas. The sanctity of innocent human life, created in the image of God, which should be protected from fertilization to natural death. Preserving American and San Andreas sovereignty and freedom. Limiting government power to those items enumerated in the United States and Constitutions of San Andreas. Personal accountability and responsibility. Self-sufficient families, founded on the traditional marriage of a natural man and a natural woman. Having an educated population, with parents having the freedom of choice for the education of their children. The inalienable right of all people to defend themselves and their property. A free enterprise society unencumbered by government interference or subsidies. Honoring all of those that serve and protect our freedom. PLATFORM Incentivize the construction of new housing to help tackle the housing shortage our county faces. Ensure all County based agencies are held to professional standards and accountable for their actions. Transparency is our top priority. Help improve social standards of today by hosting free events to the public. Incentivize energy production via lobbying for support with the state and other supportive groups. This includes construction new power generation stations such as solar, nuclear, hydro, and thermal stations. Protect free trade in all forms. Businesses should be allowed to operate in accordance to the law and constitution, without hindrance of illegitimate unions. This includes protecting the the market from outside interference. We call on the State Legislature to eliminate all government workers ' collective bargaining laws and hold all public servants responsible to taxpayers through current laws. We oppose any taxpayer dollar allocation to unions. We encourage free-market solutions for providing utilities whenever possible. We support that all types of insurance rates, to include (but not limited to) health, life, title, auto, and homeowner’s insurance, should be set through free-market forces alone. We support the United States withdrawal from the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and the World Bank. Abolish business licenses on a County wide level, people should be free to operate as they please without interference of the government. We believe the only requirement to operate a business should be a safety inspection, ensuring it is properly equipped with fire equipment and other emergency devices. Lobby to remove restrictions on gun licensing, and improve the system of acquiring gun ownership on a local level. Incentive science in all forms. The LSCGOP wishes to form a government science agency to advance nation-wide and county-wide ambitions of science to improve the lives of all our citizens. Lobby for legislation on a state-wide level that will protect local and other power stations across the state from, but not limited to: Cyber attacks on the grid’s computerized command and control system. Physical attacks on substations and major high voltage transformers. Geomagnetic storms created by solar flares from the sun. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). Urge the federal and state legislatures to reduce regulations on small businesses and home-based work. Cut back or abolish all regulations on these types of businesses as well on a county wide level. COMMUNITY Reaching out to and connecting with the community is a important and vital part of any city or town. The people who live in their community must not feel as if they're just robots paying taxes and following the law but should be given the chance to attend public/community gatherings where they can enjoy themselves or discuss concerns they have with fellow members of their community. Fellow citizens are important to me but should also be important to you, because without them there is no social order or system we abide by, such as the one this country was formed by. I plan to dedicate and invest my time and fullest effort into aiding this community, and will stop at nothing to make sure that we see a brighter future. HOUSING CRISIS We value saying that we will handle this issue head on and make more homes for the meriting people. We are committed to the construction of new properties across the county, The development of the new properties will create a large number of new employments and thusly businesses of traders and greatly improve local economies. CONSERVING TRADITION We favor the real American traditions, where the provider for their family can work for their honest day's pay and come home to enjoy dinner with their family, and relax. The American Dream may be hard to accomplish, but if we as a whole can help improve society, lower crime rate and create new jobs, people will be able to resort to doing legal work and feel proud of it! The LSCGOP holds a strong passion for democracy as it is what The United States was built upon, many morals and values that help influence people to stay on the right track, and do what is best. We believe in positive mentality, old morals that help people live a productive and happy life style. Posters
  20. "Your Honor, If the Defendant is not wishing to make a final statement, the Prosecution will ask the court to form a Summary Judgement." (( @Ryoichi @Urshankov ))
  21. Background Name: Jacob Knott Ethnicity: White Age: 18 Birthplace: San Chianaski, Blaine County, Los Santos. Early Life(0-14): Jacob was born on January 1st, 2001 in San Chianski region of Los Santos County. His mother and father was never known. In fact, a cashier at a convenience store found the him in a shopping cart at 5:00AM that morning. The authorities searched the CCTV footage to find the mother and eventually pin-pointed her to a trailer in Sandy Shores. Unfortunately, his mother had died of an apparent heroin overdose. Jacob was thus placed in foster-care as authorities were unable to find a next-of kin. Jacob would spend the next fourteen years shifting through foster families, sadly, never finding a adoptive family and never truly having loved ones. Teenage Life (14-16): The next three two years of Jacobs life would definitely shape him to how he is now. Jacob is now living with another foster family and attending school in the city. He gets into numerous fights at school and also joins a small crew pushing marijuana to students. When he is eventually caught by the school leadership, he is expelled and sent to a alternative high school in Rancho. Soon after his sixteenth birthday, Jacob takes a one-way bus out to Los Santos County. He is marked as a run-away teen and authorities search for him but are never successful. Late-Teenage Life (16-18): ((OOC: The gang is not any of the factions on OwlV. It is just one for the story.)) Jacob is now living as a run-away teen. He lives in a small tent-city under a overpass with other homeless individuals. He soon meets members of a organized crime unit out in Sandy Shores. They promise him a lucrative salary and all he has to do is push cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and other malicious products to numerous individuals. He does this job successfully for about a year. However, the gang notices that not all the drugs are being delivered, despite it being one of the actual members that was stealing the drugs, they plant it on Jacob and severely beat him, torture him, and leave him to die out on the Grand Senora Desert. As Jacob was nearing death, a elderly women happened to see him and calls 911. Jacob spends two months in the hospital struggling to live and clinging to life. He is officially discharged from the hospital on September 15th, 2019. He spends the little money that he now has from the gang and moves to Paleto. Here, he lives in the nearby homeless shelter for about a week. The beginning of his time on OwlV (Age 18): Jacob now spends most of his time in Paleto. Lost, without much money, and slightly depressed he walks around the city and goes to the beach to reflect on life. In fear of the former gang finding him, he goes by J-Man. He cannot get a job as he does not have a high school diploma. The life of crime stills calls out to him knowing how lucrative it can be. Yet, he is afraid that what happened to him before could happen to him again... but cost him his life. ((OOC: Updates from his life will be posted on as thread posts. I will post interesting things from time to time)).
  22. Thanks @Daring I am moving my stories there.
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