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    Unless it's something to do with rice buckets, useless. Just gonna be a troll fest
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    "Hire" trusted and known illegal RPers for some terrorism acts. Haven't had those in ages. Terrorism acts would allow to utilise SWAT more frequently, possibly even utilise Public Security Services with a commissioner of defence getting a new leader. It would create dangerous areas, possibly even forcing civilians to evacuate to the county or even Angel Pine.
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    or how about an event where Tim Cassidy is set on fire
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    This would actually be dope to the point where Government agencies can assist with these things however there wouldn't be enough resources to fulfill the event. I'm all up for the toxic gas leak.
  6. Congrats you've won the auction! Call me on 763241.
  7. Congrats, you've won the auction! Call me on 763241.
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    Toxic Gas would be dope
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    Last years public figure visit was a disaster. (No offense.) But like the other idea, Independence day of Los Santos perhaps?
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    What about road races. Have some of the roads closed down, and have sort of like a Grand Prix type event
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    Too many destructive events for me, I would like to see some passive events such as: - Public Figure/Celebrity Visit - Independence Day-related festival/event
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    Some natural tragedy event Like a earthquake. It could spark fires, toxic gas leaks, Burglary.
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    I'm thinking a massive fire at a building like LSPD HQ or SEMC or CPQL. Something that would cause intense co-ordination between all the public safety departments, and would cause impact to response capabilities. Would definately create some interesting roleplay, and who knows, could take quite a while to resolve as citizens could take advantage of the reduced public safety presence
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    could do an event where everyone steps in a line waiting to get battered by James Sullivan who has recently acheived his black belt in Krav Maga
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    happens whenever you log on
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    could do a big terror threat/attack
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    What about inflation activity? It would be a potential event that could rearrange the economy. It makes sense to raise taxes a bit in this event.
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    Something like this can gather the community into a congested area and actually create some RP outside of Idlewood. I like.
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    Toxic gas leak? One happened back in the day.
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    Try to keep it realistic
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  22. Name: Mrs. Stevenson Bid: $51.000
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  24. Next Event

    Heya, as usual I'm doing a poll to see what ideas people had for a server event. The flood coupled with gas shortage was a fun twist a couple months ago! Hoping we can do something the community wants again. Leave your suggestions below, I'll take the couple most suggested ones in a poll later.
  25. Car - 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish V12 [ENDS: 5/1/2018]

    8 days left!
  26. [SOCIAL MEDIA] Year of the Rat

    name: oppexterminator3000 comment: shits like chiraq back in the day #freesmoke
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