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  2. Name: Tesoro Comment: This Halloween, join us for a spooktacular fight night.
  3. Saturday, October 24th at 7PM, The Los Santos Shadows Fight Club, Fight Night Three! Fight Night three will see three new members on the Roster, Lucas Williams, Dushane Dawson, and Big Tay Tay! As it stands the tournament bracket is as follows: Lucas Williams vs Dushane Dawson Tesoro vs Big Tay Tay The matches will be best two out of three and the winners will face each other in the finals. As always, tickets are available for pre-order, ticket information and all other information can be found at our website!
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  5. This thread will follow the development of Jonathan Darragh
  6. Hood Entrepreneur II -- Weak On Defense.
  7. 조폭 -placeholder, story will be posted at a later date-
  8. Keep this shit rolling, fuck a snoochie.
  9. Friction with LA's most hated gang -- Jamestown Bracktivities.
  10. Awesome job! Proud to be part of Owlgaming!
  11. Great update! Maybe when bleeding out you should have an option to slow bleed-out with a command when not moving. So that way you can call for help or have more time to do so.
  12. OwlGaming V 1.7 | October, 2020 This update adds in a lot of new functionality, bug fixes and optimizations. Features & Adjustments General Added Halloween Outfits now let you show/hide hair on a per-outfit basis (in-case your hair interferes with your clothing items) Characters can now be as young as 16 years old Please make an admin report if you require your age changed Added official faction hotlines to the phone Script update shutdown warning increases from 10 sec to 60 sec Vehic
  13. this go hard! no luck needed
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