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    Insane Gangster Disciples

    Wasn’t even planning on having beef that soon lol but we will see how the development goes
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  4. Roi

    GAT Update July 16th, 2018

    this one kills me, congratulations my lord @Unitts
  5. god is a woman

    1. Krakkfaen


      Life is a highway

  6. Mogs

    GAT Update July 16th, 2018

    fair play @Unitts @Shanks hey
  7. Awesome

    GAT Update July 16th, 2018

    Congrats Y'all!!
  8. Krakkfaen

    GAT Update July 16th, 2018

    Well deserved senior administrator trial scripter mapping team leader event helper forum administrator retired faction team member Unitts
  9. 16th of July 2018 Office of The Commissioner Department of Public Safety - Addressing Your Concerns _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New Fire Chief? Due to recent articles that have come to light about the Department of Public Safety (DPS) regarding the internal arguments with the leadership that was put into place by the Los Santos County Government (CPQL), we've decided to address the issues in a publication. Freya Keller was appointed Chief when former Chief Sebastian Wright resigned from his position. Keller was placed on a thirty day trial period that she still has a week left once the trial period is over, to which Commissioner Howard and Deputy County Commissioner Peter Bauer will be discussing Miss Keller's future as the Department of Public Safety Chief. Department of Public Safety falling apart? We've only received one complaint about Miss Keller and it didn't contain much evidence against her. Commissioner Howard and Deputy County Commissioner Peter Bauer have looked into the complaint themselves but there isn't any strong evidence to support the individual's complaints against Miss Keller. Los Santos County Government (CPQL) will be supporting this hard time for the Department of Public Safety and will be strongly assisting to bring the department back to it's original standard. Department of Public Safety Lieutenant assaults an civilian? Howard was made aware of this assault by District Attorney Investigator Geoffrey Clayton and personally got involved in resolving the issue and informed the Department of Public Safety Command to discharge the out of line Lieutenant. Los Santos County Government doesn't take kindly to negligence of duty. We expect all of our agencies to show utmost professionalism and respect to the citizens while they're representing the agency on duty and hope they continue to uphold that professionalism out side of work. Department of Public Safety Recruitment: The Department of Public Safety is recruiting and wishes for everyone who's looking to expand their professional career to apply today. It's a great career opportunity for anyone who's looking to get involved in with being a Paramedic or Fire Fighter. Apply Here County Commissioner, *Comment section would be heavily monitored. Users would need to use realistic names for comments to be approved by moderation.*
  10. Poffy

    Account password reset

    Nevermind, archive it, he got the password back legend
  11. Ajuran

    Account password reset

  12. Poffy

    Account password reset

    problem fixed archive pls
  13. Wright

    [STATE] The People v. Solak Uzun

    *Alisha MacKenzie pulls her briefcase around the front of the table, opening it, and hands two documents to a bailiff.* "Your Honor, with Mr. Uzun's testimony fresh in our minds I would now like to take this time to present some additional evidence I have uncovered. Both are arrest reports with Solak Uzun. The first arrest report explains that Solak Uzun evaded police in his 2011 Audi S4, and a helicopter unit later caught Mr Uzun travelling very quickly on a 2017 Aprilla bike, and was eventually arrested at his residence of "The Bahamas Apt - Garage 7". A narrative from Trooper Duncan Monroe states, "Trooper Monroe was conducting a patrol of Interstate 425 East when the call of a dangerous driver fleeing within the city limits came in. Trooper Monroe responded to assist officers in their pursuit. Catching a glimpse of the suspects face as he came out of Glen park recklessly, after the suspect was lost, dashcam footage was reviewed of the vehicle and his plates were checked on the MDC. It was noted he had a garage at Bahama's Apartment and a motorbike, Trooper Richards gave pursuit of the suspect's motorbike before loosing him. Trooper Monroe and Trooper Richards then approached the Bahama's apartment, knocking on the door before the suspect Solak Uzun came out. Due to his several attempts to flee from police officers and the reasoning being unknown, Trooper Monroe performed a security sweep of the building to ensure there was no danger to Troopers and Officers outside and whilst checking inside discovered both vehicles parked inside the garage. Vehicles were then seized under the charge of TF007 as they were both used to recklessly evade from officers." Therefore, on the 15th of June we establish that Solak Uzun was at his residence with both vehicles confirmed to be in his garage, and contrary to his testimony, not in a parking lot. A day of such significance, Mr. Uzun would surely recall both vehicles being parked in his garage. The prosecution therefore finds it hard to believe that Mr. Uzun would fail to recall such events, and even more so, plead innocence to evading police when on this very same arrest report, Solak Uzun plead guilty to TF001. To make matters even worse, the second arrest report details Mr. Uzun's evasion from police again in his Audi. Again, Mr. Uzun evaded police until a spikestrip was used on his vehicle and even with his vehicle disabled Mr. Uzun continued to evade police on foot. With a history of evading police repeatedly with the same vehicle why is it not reasonable beyond a doubt to believe that Mr. Uzun was indeed the person driving the vehicle this time around?" (( @Zebulon @Napol ))
  14. lyridsreign

    Pasadena Boulevard Crew

    Looking good so far. Keep it up!
  15. Thomasmith

    GAT Update July 16th, 2018

    Congrats for all specially @Unitts, well deserved. @Script Wanna see your name next time as a Senior
  16. and if you're looking for the best lcn roleplay on the server its at Pasadena. 😙 #oocrecriutment101 seriously though it's a good guide
  17. BAPEehhLol

    Insane Gangster Disciples

    Kill that Idlewood Terrorist Group, ya feel me? good luck
  18. ItzGinaa

    GAT Update July 16th, 2018

    nice people
  19. Thomasmith

    Car - 2004 Volvo V70 [ENDS: 17/7/2018]

    Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Greetings, Max's ((@Maximas)) bid is invalid as it didn't reach the minimum increase amount. Bumping before 24 hours passed on last comment also isn't allowed. I would recommend you to take another look on our Auction House Regulations. Currently, Lucc is leading with the bid of $9,500 and next bid shouldn't be below $10,250. (( @Fuzion ))
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