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  3. Hey i finally returned to PC and to just my luck OwlGaming's still around, how can i get back in to the servers i have FiveM etc.
  4. Really unfortunate to see that OwlGaming is gone :( I had lots of fun back in 2015. Very good job to the devs and staff. Owl has been running for a long time.
  5. So many unforgettable years. So many friends made. Countless memories. It was such a pleasure to play on Owl. such a shame it couldn't work out on V.
  6. If you want to buy this model / folder then there are links in the park, if you have any questions, contact me Discord Deffender#1822
  7. I can't setup the gta 5 owl gaming roleplay gamemode you shared. Will you prepare a detailed guide video? Almost no one can't setup the mod, so hard.
  8. Gambling on video games content is popular already for a lot of years. I started gambling on Counter Strike Global Offensive matches five years ago, and it is still trendy. Also, I am playing slots on items from CS GO. I make a slot deposit and start playing, and the bet is with CS GO skins, and if you win, you also get CS GO skins. And yes, I agree with you. Cybersport is a big and profitable business. At official tournaments, they insert many advertisements and ads, which I think are getting a lot of money to the organization of these events.
  9. Mills

    ay baby.......


    1. Mills


      tell smallz i said hi :D

      also miss you 

    2. Mills


      gimme a kiss dog............... 🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘

    3. Serx
  10. name aged very well my friend i'm proud of you 

  11. tere mu eesti sõber, kuidas sul läheb?

    1. Stretch


      mida sa siin surnuaias teed? 

    2. Mills


      Tahtsin näha, kas inimesed imevad endiselt kaose kukke või mitte, mõned asjad ei muutu kunagi XD

  12. Do you offer horse racing tips? Currently i follow Star Tipster and looking for another tipster to run alongside. If it's only football then i may still be interested for the new football season.
  13. im retarded
  14. you fucking weapon
  15. RIP! I enjoyed every moment in vG/United/Owl etc. Thanks everyone, for the good times.
  16. Interesting. I was especially interested in the races, just memories from my childhood. However, does everything work normally under pandemic conditions?I've always been attracted to gambling, and what about poker? Because of the coronavirus, I started playing online casinos คาสิโนออนไลน์, which is also quite an interesting experience. At home you're less consumed by excitement, so you become more sensible, haha. Good luck in your endeavor!
  17. bro the server shut down? RIP fr. With a better laptop and more time on my hands, I def would've rejoined yall
  18. Get back MTA, it's never too late!
  19. I can still remember the day that MTA was shut down. And coming back to the forums, after nearly a year long departure, the same feelings overwhelm me. OwlGaming was my first RP community and I was honored to serve for many months on the Admin team on Owl:V. Truly a great group of people, great friendships made and life-long memories created. Much love my friends. OwlGaming will no doubt be written in stone on the internet as one of the greatest RP communities around. @Vubstersmurf @Chaos @Ixosis @ItsMelodyy @QueenC @Excyted25 @Zebulon @Jer@ThatGuy ~Maxwell
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