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  4. Vostok Bratva

    Looks really good. Wish you luck!
  5. FI Application - Victoria Wolfe - 22/02/18

  6. name: gloria bid: buyout
  7. Today
  8. Car - 2016 GMC Sierra [ENDS: 25/02/2018]

    bump only 2 days left
  9. Vostok Bratva

  10. 2 Garbage Trucks[ENDS TONIGHT]

    Name: Monster Vehicle: 1991 Mack RD690S Bid: $15,500
  11. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1969 Vehicle brand: Pontiac Vehicle make: GTO VIN: - Mileage: 117834 Description: Completely documented car by Pontiac Historical Services. Retractable headlights. Fully secured with working Dashcam, Alarm and Tracker(s). Has been treated like a baby! Images (( credits to @Maikeyy2 for the wrap )) Starting bid: $45,000 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout: $75,000 Auction end date: 28th February, 2018 Contact details: Given to auction winner!
  12. Name: nnenee Bid: 71,000$
  13. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: 1047 Pasadena Blvd Description: Big renovated headquarters for a company. First floor: a garage who can lift more than 10 cars. With a storage room protected by a keypad. Second floor: Pawnshop, with the staff room. Staff Room: 4 offices, you can check the photos. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 100,000 Minimum Increase: 1,000 Buyout: 250,000 Auction ends: 01.03.2017 Contact Information: Ph: 542232
  14. Deleting a topic

    Can you delete this topic, please.
  15. Christopher Willart - $40,000.
  16. [STATE] The People v. Thomas Keith Burgess

    "It appears a plea deal has been met, the conditions are as follows." "Thomas Keith Burgess pleads guilty to TF001 and VC041, is to be released on time served and pay a fine of $5,000 in addition to a suspended license for one month (( one week OOC)). Mr. Burgess, is it true that you accept this plea according to your own free will?" (( @Zebulon @Wright @Bart ))
  17. [STATE] The People v. Rhett Buerkle

    "A Summary Judgment will be made in 48 hours if there is no response from the Defense." (( @Tidemo ))
  18. [STATE] The People v. Gregory Hayes

    "Without adequate response from the defense I will have no choice but to issue a Summary Judgment in 48 hours." (( @EDR ))
  19. [STATE] The People v. Lucy Belshaw

    "Mr. Jackson, I just addressed this in my prior statements. A vehicle stop for investigation only requires reasonable suspicion. I think it is quite clear here that hearing tires screech and a sound the officer inferred to be a collision as well as Ms. Belshaw's vehicle being turned sideways, half way into the right lane, is certainly enough to constitute reasonable suspicion. There is no requirement for a vehicle collision to occur for reckless driving, or any other investigative stop for a traffic violation." "My opinion on this matter remains the same. Any officer may stop any vehicle they reasonably suspect of committing a crime or traffic offense. Officer's put in this position would not need to satisfy some irrational or impossible level of proof to stop a vehicle, like you've cited (crashing the vehicle in question to be able to stop it...). They have a lower expectation of privacy and are more readily able to be stopped because of their highly mobile nature. These facts have been established and for me to go against these accepted legal standards and grant your argument would require I show wanton disregard for the legal system. This I will not do." "As I stated previously, please do continue with the cross-examination or we will move on if you do not wish to do so." (( @Zebulon @Wright @JameZ ))
  20. [STATE] The People v. Lochlainn Foley

    "Considering you have barely even been able to respond in this court proceeding against you WHILE in custody, what reason do I have to believe you will return when you are no longer in custody? This case has already dragged on for long enough so you need to start participating and respond to my question before I will consider your bail request." (( @JayZawack @Zebulon ))
  21. "A final warning is given to the defense to submit a plea according to the Notice of Action I have given out to all parties involved or a Summary Judgment will be made." *Katherine Vanderbilt looks to Jamie Banks as he speaks, raising an eyebrow.* "Excuse me sir, is there a reason you're speaking in my court room." (( @jamiebanks1990 @dawid1000 @Zebulon @Wright ))
  22. [STATE] The People v. Tay Jordan

    "There will be a summary judgment made. Before that is done, please if the prosecution could, provide the rest of the footage to the court for review in this decision." (( @Zebulon @Wright ))
  23. Name: L.Smoke Bid: Buy-out
  24. Late happy birthday! :P

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