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  2. Name: Private Bid: starting
  3. Sry I am not illegal cybercriminal. I do not wish to be arrested by Steve jobs ghost.
  4. Name: Internally oppressed feminazi Bid: Buyout yolo
  5. Now I can put hitler in Wunnenberg's /look
  6. Gotta love that targeted marketing eh? Why do you think I have my android rooted and have AdblockPlus installed? Just JB your iphone and install Adblock Plus
  7. You're right, it wouldn't. I'm not again the idea itself, just that it shouldn't belong to the scripting team. But it's better to get permission beforehand, so people don't waste their time setting it up to find out that it'd get denied.
  8. Name: Roscoe Bid: WITHDRAWN.
  9. you know, with those sites, theres very little, to no actual scripting needed, aside from the actual website. Would it really hurt for someone (I could do it), to come up with a prototype for a dating site for IC, give it to the UAT team to check out, and if they like it add it to the exceptions? It would remain under the control of Owl Gaming, it would just be developed and designed by specific members
  10. backtalking is for the weak ones

  11. Los Santos Auction House - Residential http://i.imgur.com/dyWaVWH.jpg Property Type: Residential Address: 6, Mason Street Description: Mason Street, 6 Big and luxury house. Two floors. Huge garden. Interior: - Floor one: Entrance - Living Room - Kitchen - Dining Room - Floor two: Two Bed Rooms, 1 bath room Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 10,000 Minimum Increase: 1,000 Buyout: 120,000 Auction ends: 23/07/2017 Contact Information: Phone number: 804733. ((IC AND OOC COMMENTS ARE DISABLED))
  12. BUYOUT LOWERED TO $45,000
  13. LinkBook has 'Meet Me', yes. It's a dating add-on.
  14. Name Jessica Buyout Offer $1.24
  15. Then go make it Sarge, GOD
  16. Name Jessica Buyout offer 65.000
  17. Name Jessica Buyout offer 50.000
  18. Leading. @SniicK Leading. @DylanW
  19. Name: Tim Bid: $35,000 Comment: No, my garage needs it
  20. Name: Roscoe. Bid: $30,000 Comment: My lady would love this.
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