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  2. Buyout lowered to 40,000 USD
  3. I am willing to work on it, but what the fuck is PFFice shit? and Bear or what the fuck is that lol fix your writing lmfao. You can hire me if you are not going to make this a competition or something, i mean, you will work with me. Nobody else.
  4. (( it's my time to shine, @Mogs i have got a logo for you. 100 GCs would be fine http://i.imgur.com/J3TLZgV.png ))
  5. They usually require supervision, plus there are people who are in need of real help like being bugged beside people's desires.
  6. Today
  7. @SnazzzWhy you didn't informed me that buyout was setted?
  8. You've won the auction! Contact number: 613364
  9. Name : Vic Bid : Buyout
  10. Buyout set to $20,000!
  11. **The comment would be private to the auctioneer.** Name: Ava Comment: Fine, call me on 576975
  12. 35 is the lowest I will go.
  13. Name: Ava Comment: I can offer $32,000 as a buy-out, maximum. @RayPayne
  14. Noted! You've been outbid.
  15. The main problem with most of these is that they make a way to turn GCs into cash. Which will slowly turn the whole server into a pay2win one. I do however like ideas 1, 4, 7.
  16. Hey there. Don't know if this is still open for discussion, but I have a few suggestions. - Ability to change an interior to another DEFAULT [not custom] interior. The reason for this is that I'll occasionally find an interior that's just not realistic. It has WAY too much room on the inside, or WAY too little room. This way, you could pay GCs to have (an admin?) come and change your interior to another default interior at the cost of some GCs. - Car Luck Box? Pay a certain amount of GCs to obtain a car instantly. Basically, it'd be like a lottery type of system. Pay the GCs and get a car with a value of $10,000-$50,000, with the value increasing rarity. - Sell Back House / Vehicle. Pay GCs to sell back a property or vehicle for the price you paid for it, instead of a percentage of that amount. - Free Ad Pushes for 7 Days This could go right along with the paycheck bonuses. Speaks for itself. - Car / Property Rentals Perhaps specialty cars or properties could be rented for hour/day basis for GCs. - Claim untouched property With the many vacant buildings around, some of them don't have an interior yet. You can already fill out a form to have one placed, but perhaps a perk to instantly have one made for GCs. Perhaps also given to the player. - Delete a Character The ability to delete an inactive character at the cost of some GCs.
  17. Hey there! Looking for a custom made interior for my casino, that includes an office, on the left and a private blackjack and roulette table (presumably for high rollers) I'd like the interior to look clean and a respectful establishment. Blackjack and Roulette table in the right room. A bar in the right's room corner, for private drinks. A hallway connecting the office and private room together towards the exit. Willing to pay many GC's for this project. My artistic hand has put together a bird's eye blueprint of what is going on in my head, hopefully. Regards, Sigull.
  18. Name: LittleNobody Comment: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. That's why you shouldn't be driving cars that you're trying to auction off.
  19. Pull up in this bitch and I'm beamin' and shit
    Hundred hoes, hundredfold, this my season and shit
    Stomach on belly roll, bitch I'm eatin' and shit
    You a vegan and shit, get off my penis and shit


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  22. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. State of teenager RP.
  23. @BusterAces @Chillz was tempted to make a video but I believe this is all it needs.
  24. also fell off a mountain and survived with broken ribs even though teenagers' bodies are fragile. ok mate.
  25. why was this even removed, yes please
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