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  2. You're looking at a category of supercars between the 100 - 200k, but anything above the 250k directly turns into an unsellable vehicle as it reaches the current value of a modded vehicle. That's also faster than most super cars atm.
  3. I really love that, because well I'm not even down to sell my tuned cars. And the reason, why most people tune their cars, is just for making ez high profit. I bring up an example: Car paid 20k Mods paid up to 15k Sells it for 100k+ That's how shit in owl goes. I go with Yes, because that needs limitation.
  4. There's so many supercars on this server, no wonder why no one buys them above 50%. There's probably more Ferrari's on the server than all the modified rice put together.
  5. It's basically turning the economy upside down and fucking with the 0.75 rule If you want to make profit out of it, open up your own tuning garage and RP building them for others as they pay you to do it.
  6. 1985 BMW E28 M5

    NOTED! @Unitts you've been outbidded.
  7. I don’t like the idea of building a car for no profit. nor should you be comparing owl to irl. There actually isn’t any workshops up anymore, building cars for others. It’s actually kind of 50/50 for me. I lowkey support this.
  8. Business - Henry Ford Business Plaza, Downtown

    yeah @Tailor get on it u lazy mess
  9. Never had to on my current character as I joined a faction ya nibba

    Then it is the mod itself. Try some other mod see if they are also broken or not.


    Today is going to be an amazing day.
    Watch this space.



  12. Business - Henry Ford Business Plaza, Downtown

    @Tailor Feel like archiving this? Thanks.
  13. *cough* lowering the pay to half, limiting the runs per day that will do tbh. both sides will be happy, win-win edit: this was suggested a million times before and nothing happened so don’t have high expectations
  14. 2017 Mclaren 570GT

    Auction ends in 2days
  15. ( Before you start reading, I wrote this with an open mind in order to find a solution for both sides. If you're an extreme hooligan and stubborn then please proceed to the next topic. ) After the heated discussion yesterday.. There's nothing wrong with mechanic RP or the fact that each car has an unique handling. But it's the aftermath it causes afterwards, as the economy is currently being upside down. Many other vehicles are suffering under it and that makes the economy unrealistic when we take a look at our car market. ( daily cars > sport cars > luxury/super cars > modified cars. ) If you delete the .075 rule there'll be only a changing in top speed. But as each player atleast has a 100k, it requires some good mechanic knowledge and experience to buy an old JDM bargain and build it to a quarter mile beast. Now that's totally fine with me, but ICly it's fucked up because for an example If you're a CEO and you're most likely successful, you might consider buying a Lamboghini. Once you're done driving it and wanting to re-sell it you'll face a new dilemma due the fact there are so many faster and modded cars that the value decreases by 55% You should consider yourself lucky if you're getting atleast 50% of what you paid for the car back. In that case it's causing a problem and there's no point in buying a vehicle that's going to be underpriced after, and driving a supra to your work as a CEO or doctor or lawyer might look normal in Owlgaming but it's actually not IRL. ( unless if you're a CEO in the car industry. ) You like cars? Sure! - You like building them? Do your thing! - You like meetings and get in contact with others while you all share the same passion? Have fun! But you got to understand that I might not be passionate about it but I'm still tolerant, solution? An completely restriction on selling pre-tuned vehicles. ( OOC. ) Why? stimulates the mechanic RP to actually open up a shop as you need to buy a vehicle and mod it yourself or let someone else mod it but you can't buy it. The value on production cars will increase directly as there's nothing faster available on the market. But everyone will just buy a JDM car and get it mod by someone else. - Actually mechanic RP requires a lot of time and motivation, you'll do it like 2 or 3 times for someone else and then you'll pretty much get bored for it. This will lead in a good way too as buying parts for a car Isn't a problem but getting it actually tuned is a problem and people will get easily charged for 150k or whatever. What's the role for the VCT in here? Get stricter with modifications. We got dealerships now so why not a few slots for tune/mod shops, They'll be the only one allowed to mod as dealerships are the only one allowed to tune. Now this might sounds like a gold mine but let's not abuse it and also place a restriction of cars you can handle per month. Then It's up to you how much you charge for it.
  16. Ola

    United Cunts in the house.
  17. Stalkin my profile are u cunt????

  18. 411 Carson Blvd Crips

    @bartman @OhhPixelz @Peaky
  19. Avalon 40's Crips

    hah indcreidbe stuff (y)
  20. Avalon 40's Crips

    ''Ayy, act a fool on stageProlly leave my fuckin' show in a cop car'' ''Hit her from the back, pullin' on her tracksAnd now she screamin' out, "no más" (yeah, yeah, yeah)'' ''Your wifey say I'm lookin' like a whole snack (big snack)''
  21. 411 Carson Blvd Crips

    like i said im not in the lead anymore so do what you feel like
  22. Today
  23. i hate myself inside

  24. Name: Classic Comment: Diss boutta be written down in history niggas daymn.
  25. Name: Rack Comment: holy moly u can hear it
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