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  2. Organs chopping and VMing

    contact ft im sure they are happy to help u
  3. Greetings, Everyone! Mr. Whip Garage & Shop is currently looking for "Event Organizers" and "Sponsors" who would be willing to help, coordinate and cooperate with the said company's team for a proposed upcoming event this coming month of October. Any companies or organizations who would be willing to participate at the said event are welcomed to This event will be an Offroad Fest, involving offroad vehicles such as SUV and Pickup Trucks, Buggies, Dirt Bikes and etc. The offroad track will be at the Shady Creek and will end at the Sand Dunes, South of Angel Pine. The event will not only be "offroading" , but there will also be a beach party at the dunes, together with a car show, exclusively for offroad vehicles wherein a number of participants will win cash prizes. Help us on making this event possible. Let us unite and have fun as one during this event! Financial support will be gratefully accepted. Please let us know about your thoughts and suggestions. You can also E-mail us at: [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) Thank You!
  4. 2017 BMW F80 M3

    (( Not a prob, I'll be around I imagine; If it's easier, Discord works to let me know when you're about. Can find it on my profile. ))
  5. 2017 BMW F80 M3

    Congratulations, you've won the auction. I will contact you shortly. (( Going to PM you this evening as I'm on my phone and not home right now ))
  6. 2017 BMW F80 M3

    Name: Lyssa Bid: Buyout / $80,000
  7. 2017 Lotus Exige Sport 380

    Name: Lyssa Bid: $97,500
  8. 2017 Lotus Exige Sport 380

    Leading! Outbid.
  9. 2006 Ferrari F430 F1

    You've won the auction.
  10. Organs chopping and VMing

    I already knew how in my own way, i'm just confused about the VM part and how does organs VMing works.
  11. 2017 BMW F80 M3

    Noted, you're now leading with a bid of 70,000$. @SniicK You got outbid!
  12. Today
  13. 2017 BMW F80 M3

    Name: NotDimitri Bid: $70,000 Comment: This car is mine, bois
  14. Residential - #3 Pasadena Boulvevard

    Accepted, Call me on 111000.
  15. Residential - #3 Pasadena Boulvevard

  16. 2017 BMW F80 M3

    Noted, you're now leading with a bid of 69,000$. @Renny You have been outbid.
  17. Lol what? Speed cameras are extremely common here in Miami. Thing is in every two blocks.. OT: I like the red traffic light flashing. Might help players know when to stop. Not sure where it is everywhere else, but here, at 12AM the lights turn into flashing and some turn into red which means an acting stop sign while others are flashing yellow which means continue with precaution.
  18. 2017 Lotus Exige Sport 380

    name; oelala bid: $95.000
  19. Organs chopping and VMing

    If you are planning on searching the deep web please consider using a VPN, hackers can get your location without one.
  20. Character Kill Appeal - Garrett Lamar

    After reading the logs, I can see that you said you would rather die than hand them your items despite them having a gun to your head. There is no other way out of the situation, you either comply or die. You chose to die. The death was straight forward and I see no reason to reverse it at the moment. @wfhaykay10
  21. 2017 BMW F80 M3

    Name: MoneyMove Bid: $69,000
  22. Speed cameras are not that common in USA, so it's not realistic. OT: I remember this was implemented on one of the 'earlier RP servers' and for some reason it didn't work. Default GTA infrastructure is terrible, so in order to make it look like a normal infrastructure you'd have to write a script for that. The effort it takes is not worth the gains.
  23. This would be useful and realistic. I support!
  24. 3 Vehicles on Auction.

    yes it is
  25. 3 Vehicles on Auction.

    Name: Private Comment: Is CR-X SIR stock?
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