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  2. --------------------------------------- Faction ownership has been transferred to @Valgus. He's been named the new president of IMC. This means I will no longer be playing in this faction. Had good and bad times with the faction. I hope to see what Valgus does with the faction.
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  4. First id like to start by saying that the gas can should still take a back slot when available. However There is no reason why when a back slot is taken a left or right hand slot cannot be used instead for a gas can a gas can should easily be able to be hend in a hand whilst a backpack is equiped and i see no possible reason why this is not the case Second The boombox should not require a back or storage item to carry we should be able to carry this either in our hands or on the back slot like the gas can. there are a few other items that i think could also be in a hand slot but i
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  6. Welp, it's sad to see this project go all things considered it was a unique experience altogether and when people left "for greener pastures" it was nice of Vubs and Melodyy to pick up the pieces and shape Vikings of what they were until the end. I am proud that once I was a part of this group and was able to witness it's ups and downs, helping to provide RP to players of this community. Dom smiles as he rides down into the sunset on his trusty bike.
  7. Ive been fairly close to the Vikings since...september 2019 maybe? When we had dougie as Prez down by sandy shores, honestly sad to see such a long running faction that has provided me tens of hours of fun on owl go, but hey, life goes on. Long live vikings, gave Jenna Woods the time of her life
  8. I had a chance to interact with the Vikings MC for only a tiny part of its lifespan. I never got a chance to become a member and participate in or experience its illegal side, but I must proudly say that I have enjoyed every single moment with the – as someone once jokingly said – “local hangout group” side. Meeting the Vikings and being able to associate and roleplay with them was essentially the main reason I got so attached to this server. And you have my thanks for that. And even though the faction is no more, the family spirit of this wholesome group of people will live on. I
  9. tkmc comeback wenz m8

  10. no luck needed, this is already the best faction in the server right now.. Try to keep up with this type of heat peers.
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  12. that's a masterpiece, klippan is unstoppable
  13. Sad to see this go. Not gonna self plug here, had good interactions with y'all. Respect, and brothers for life. Better to fight and fall than to live without hope
  14. Still relevant . Gj doe, vubs. You did your shit.
  15. The last ride. This faction has been going strong for nearly two years, I took over in December 2019 and enjoyed every single bit of it. However like all good things, it has been decided by members of the faction to close for good. I want to thank every single person who's been in the faction, have interacted with us and those who have supported us, it's been a damn crazy ride!
  16. i congratulate you owl 5, you have the sexiest and coolest illegal rper roleplying on ur server good shit klippan
  17. This is more of a polish feature long term but it's what we had on MTA. Accepted.
  18. We had this on MTA, would be good here, accepted.
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