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Are you proud to be Canadian? Wish you were Canadian (Doesn't Everybody?). This is a place for people from Canada, or people who are wanna-be Canadian's to come and hang, chat it up, and just be themselves. And just like Canadians are known to be, we want to keep things civil and polite. We won't censor you, but anything over the top would be best taken somewhere else. Sorry!

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  2. Congrats you Canucks. We currently hold the most members of any of the clubs. As of March 11, 2018, we have 24 members. Way to go guys
  3. This is just a basic ruleset to avoid any problems in the future. I don't expect there to be any, but I like to cover my bases No insults towards other members. (I really don't care if you are joking or not. One key thing about Canadians are we are always polite) Keep topics related to discussion about the wonderful country Canada (already L&A one thread that had absolutely nothing to do with anything about Canada, or anyhting related to this group) Do not spam other members with mentions. One mention in a thread is enough Do NOT post links to malicious websites or files. As a security minded person, I take this kind of thing very seriously. If you do, not only will you be booted from this club, but you'll also be reported to the forum admins. ALL rules set by the forum admins must be followed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please don't post any images that could cause problems. You may think its funny, but others may not. I'd really rather not have to break up any fights in this group, so just don't. So far everyone (with just one exception) is behaving in this group, and I thank you all for that. Lets keep this group fun and enjoyable for everyone
  4. Topic locked and will be removed in 7 (seven) days. Reason: Off topic, and spammy
  5. Well good news is, thanks to mother nature, last month I made $140. I work for C-More Snow Removal. Course I don't have a drivers license, so my job consists of using a snow blower, but hey, we have lots of contracts with residents. Sure I'm freezing my ballsack off, but its solid work
  6. Brighton, Ontario. Also yeah... Now that minimum wage has gone up none of us part-timers get shifts anymore, among other things of course. I literally made $98 last month. For reference my phone bill is $90. Thanks, Canada.
  7. It's like China hit America (ALERT) World War 3
  8. The main General services will elect and promote one person to be game head admin in the next election email sources for more info: RULES: NO CHEATING NO SPAM ACCOUNTS NO GOOGLE PROMO'S NO BREAKING RULES KEEP IT FAIR NO CUSSING @DylanW @Chaos @Law @Swanker
  9. I'll agree with ya on the poutine, but as much as I like Timmies, I like fair treatment of employees better. The crap they're puling because of the minimum wage increase is disgusting
  10. hi, - Shawinigan, Quebec. been in the -30's for awhile now. ma bagged milk froze ma doorway is a snow wall, so a put ma sodas in it to keep em cold aboot to go skate on ma way to school, ye usual n' gonna buy some poutine and some timmies, eh.
  11. Winnipeg has been in the -30's for a while now :/
  12. Here you can post your best pictures of Canadian weather, or road conditions Heres 6 hours ago today on Highway 402 in ontario. Can't even see 1 truck length ahead of ya
  13. So basically if you're canadian, name where you from, city and province, I'm from Quebec, Montreal, how about ya faking faggots heh? If you're not canadian and you're a wanna-be lumberjack, tell us where ya from and show us yourself twerking.

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