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    • If you looked at Italy's greatest feats, The Grotti Itali GTO is definitely up there with Pizza, Pasta and the Renaissance. Peering into the engine bay, you'd come face to face with the mightiest V12, humbling the likes of Pegassi and Progen, diving head (and engine) first into the pursuit of holding the ultimate Grand Tourer title. When Grotti unveiled the car, this is what they had to say about it: "When you think of lightweight redesigns, you probably think of carbon fiber bodywork and stripped-out interiors. But that's just for beginners. Step inside the Itali GTO, and the air you're breathing has increased hydrogen content for extra lift. Grotti have even taken the controversial step of obliging potential owners to do their part by shaving their body hair and removing at least one kidney. Sometimes you have to suffer for perfection." After driving the car, it's definitely nothing shy of perfection.    (Grotti Itali GTO Test Car used by WildRide Magazine, Images Via WildRide Magazine)   If you were after the glorious and natural suck, squeeze, bang, blow of a V12, this engine delivers just that, Twelve cylinders, 6.5 liters, all natural with no forced induction. Equipped with variable geometry inlet tracts, ability of revving up to 8900rpm and 789 horsepower on tap, your ears are in for a treat with a symphonic soundtrack, summarizing the mind-blowing creation and internal combustion art that is this engine. When looking at the power and torque curves, unlike in previous Grotti road going vehicles where the torque would start to fall away in the top end, the Itali GTO's torque stronger and keeps going until the limiter intrudes at 8900rpm, appearing a lot like the power curve, making it able to reach over 200 MPH and give it a 0-60 time which is quicker than you reading "Mind-warping performance", it truly is astonishing how it performs, it's incredibly fast to the point where you might even say it's, intimidating to the inexperienced.    (Grotti Itali GTO Test Car used by WildRide Magazine, Images Via WildRide Magazine)   Being behind the wheel of the car, you get to feel just how exciting the power delivery is, coming on instantly as the revs build up and the engine just becomes more visceral the more you push it, telling you that it can take whatever you throw at it. All of this whilst the exhaust gases get pushed out through a six into one manifold, not only making it more efficient and allowing the engine to breathe better but also giving it the symphonic soundtrack we mentioned earlier, however, just writing that or watching a video of it won't do it any justice, it's something that you need to experience to believe.   (Grotti Itali GTO Test Car used by WildRide Magazine, Images Via WildRide Magazine)   All this power is nothing without it's drivetrain and handling, the power is delivered to all four wheels through a seven speed dual clutch gearbox which is positioned above the rear axles for better weight distribution, resulting in 47-53 distribution and with new adjustments made to the gearbox such as shorter gear rations, both the upshifts and downshifts are quicker by 30 percent when compared to other road going Grotti models. Grotti have also equipped the car with four wheel steering and a torque variable electric power steering system, a first for any of their models and this effectively means that it controls the torque of steering in and out of corners, helping you apply opposite lock if the rear gets tired of being obedient and steps out of line, meaning any ordinary driver with lack of astronaut training will be able to keep the car pointing in the right direction. You'll also need brakes to stop this monstrous Grand Tourer, in the front, the Itali GTO sports 398mm carbon-ceramic discs with the backs being 360mm, that along with the electronic assists, will stop the car in no time without feeling too harsh or ruining driver comfort.   (Grotti Itali GTO Test Car used by WildRide Magazine, Images Via WildRide Magazine)   Driving the Grotti Itali GTO, you notice how unusually light and incredibly fast it is with it's response, it's hyper-reactive to any driver inputs which may throw off people at first but after a while you do get used to it and get to realize just how much of an incredible car it is to drive, let the Itali GTO clamp you in place on the seat and deliver all expectations you may have, putting you in the pursuit of performance with the mighty engine and agile handling. Taking the car onto the track, you'll notice all of it's aerodynamics going into affect, all the downforce sticking it to the track through the corners but switching all electronics off will transform it into a bat out of hell, going sideways around corners but whilst this may frighten some, it's extremely friendly even when the rear end is trying to overtake the front to the point where I'd say it feels like driving any Ubermacht model (Not a bad thing), except with close to 800hp under your foot.      (Grotti Itali GTO Test Car used by WildRide Magazine, Images Via WildRide Magazine)   And it only gets better on the road, you won't notice that there's electronics on, trying to keep your foot away from the throttle and instead, it'll feel twice as fast and this is what really sells the car to me, when compared to other cars with the same engine design, within the same class, there's just nothing that I'd pick over the Itali GTO, it's a car built to take on tracks and chase lap records yet it feels so comfortable and submissive on the road, with dampers adjusted to road settings, the only thing that'll upset the calm within the cabin, is the growl coming from the engine, waiting for you to unleash it's full potential. This is, however where we get to the bad part of the car, in order to actually tame this beast, it'll break the bank first, with the base model spec (No additional options or extras), you're looking at a $500,000 price tag. If you're eager for some excitement in your life and consider half a million dollars to be spare change, buy an Itali GTO, a car which excellence and perfection you can't do justice by just reading about it, you have to go out and experience it.   (Grotti Itali GTO Test Car used by WildRide Magazine, Images Via WildRide Magazine)   - WildRide Magazine
    • Hello,   It's been a good few months since we last opened up recruitment for members of the community to join the staff team. We would like to announce that we are reopening Administrator applications once again, with the aim of expanding our team in order to further the server in terms of events and roleplay opportunites. Our staff are there to help current and new players in providing roleplay alongside ensuring they have the best experience possible.   If you wish to apply you can find the form here     The process is still as follows: Application -> UA Voting -> Interview/Test -> Induction into the Admin Team.   If you have any questions feel free to reach out via Discord or forum pms!    
    • Hi there,   Just had a UA meeting and wanted to give an update on what we discussed regarding your feedback suggestion.   Name Change: We allow name changes for characters up to 5 hours (for free) - unless under exceptional circumstances. House Move - Can you clarify on what you mean with this? Custom Phone number - We will be adding this soon! Business/House interior change - This has already been added in terms of uploading custom interiors, normal business/house interiors change usually cost in game money since we consider this as renovation. Government taxes - We will be adding this as well. Paycheck increase - We are looking into this but it will have some sort of limit depending on how much someone earns per paycheck, this is to ensure it doesn't break the economy.      
    • Media Policy   To protect the privacy of our patients, the following policies are effective pertaining to the Media: Members of the press may not enter Hospital grounds in any official media capacity without previous approval and being accompanied by a member of staff. Dedicated cameras, video recorders, or voice recording devices may not be brought on premises without approval from media relations Smart phones with cameras are permissible but should not be used in that capacity for patient privacy. Obtaining personally identifiable patient information (such as photography, interviewing, etc) of patients on hospital grounds without their explicit permission is a federal crime, pursuant to the Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act. A patient has the right to withdraw permission for the media to use their interview, words, or footage/photographs at any time during, after, or before being interviewed/photographed. Federal privacy laws includes all "overheard" conversation between staff members. If a member of the media overhears two staff members discussing the wellbeing of any patient, that information may not be used publicly. "Vulching" staff members, patients, visitors, or guests and or loitering in any area of the hospital for stories is strictly prohibited. Any media staff who violate this policy will be escorted from premises and blocked from further entry in the capacity as news reporters. The Board of Directors may vote to deny access to any media organization which repeatedly violates these principles.
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