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    •       Commissioner of Finance - Licensing  

        Dear Ms Calone, (( @Law ))   This is an email to inform you that we are currently processing your application. Please file for a Business Inspection Request through the local Fire Department's website (https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/60-los-santos-fire-department-building-inspection-application-ic/) and inform us via response to this email when it has been completed by FD with valid proof.   Commissioner of Finance Oswin Sherman  
    • i mean the only ones that have 360 1080p CCTV etc are admin spawned since both SLD and Logistics only accept real life items with a proper name.
    •   Name: SS   Comment: Passion guides me. Love unites me. God gives me strength. Your ignorance exceeds what you can become as a man and you have flaunted your restricted limitations as a human being these past comments. God has a place in heaven for any man, woman or creature of nature. I am the prophet who is merely spreading his good wishes to the people. God -has- chosen me for I have seen him in my dreams and hear him in my sleep. He knows my name and sees me when I call, he'll be there when I fall. I still remember this verse from my days in the choir when I was just a boy. You have not been exposed to the miracles that can be brought with faith, with religion.   You know hate, negativity, and violence for you are the taint that holds this world back. God has spoken to me throughout my childhood. I have seen his shimmering ray of light, his essence. God has watched over me these years ever so quietly ever so diligently, waiting for the moment to announce me as his prophet. And in that night, God spoke to me. He deemed me worthy of the title, worthy of the message, for I am his prophet and him, my savior. Do not let the lies and deceit of his fallen, Satan deceive you, my friend. I will be sure to come to the memorial to perform an exorcism.
    •   Name: W. Comment:  Dear SS,   I sincerely apologize for what I have said. It must be very hard for you, knowing you're "special". As a true believe in god, I am so glad that out of the 7.1 billion people on the earth, he has chosen you, and only you to be a prophet. For me to say those mean and most hurtful things must really bother you. I too await you at the memorial, and wish to discuss how fucking retarded you are. When I said god fucked up, I mean he really must of fucked up with you.   Easy for me to say it from the comfort of my keyboard and the safety of my mother's basement? Nigga, 1990's call for the lame ass comeback back.    Wake the fuck up. It's fucking 2017. Religion is dying, people are rioting, and bitch as punks like you got the nuts to bitch and complain online instead of doing something in person.   God didn't choose you. You chose yourself. If god wanted something done, he'd get off his ass and do it himself. He doesn't need dumbass fucking retards like you going around telling people what to do.   Again, if you didn't get the main message. Don't have children. For one, they are most likely going to be just as retarded as you. Don't get injured. If you do, just die. You'd be making the world a better place with your sacrifice.        If I had the choice between listening to your retarded shit or taking a cheese grater up the ass, I'd choose the cheese grater.  Sadly, I don't own one, so that's not an option.  
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