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    • From owning half of Los Santos businesses degradin' yourself to a slick ass lawyer. Tsk tsk tsk   Good luck, Jer I know you can pull some good stuff.
    • I would say, I'd gladly use his IC services again but I am not a badboy anymore! 
    • Looking forward to seeing this take shape. You've already had an impact with this business and it's nice to see.
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     Konig Law LLP was founded April 2020 after Gunther Konig, chief executive officer of former investment management business Konig Capital sold his shares to foreign buyers in Beijing, China. Following the takeover and reinvention of his former project, Konig re-evaluated his academical background in search for a new career venture. Before being known as one of the most prolific investors in Los Santos, Konig's first stint was his enlistment with the United States Army in the intelligence corps. Right after his honorable discharge, he chose to invest his small fortune into studying criminal justice and finished his degree cum laude at Stanford Law School, under the University. Still remaining in Los Santos, Konig with his newly established law firm specializes in criminal defense, also covering other areas of law under higher rates in order to compensate his bespoke approach. Konig Law LLP offers clientele the best of rates in the Los Santos district, offering detailed guidance from the very beginning to the end with constant accessibility through its call centre. To ensure quality and consistency, the firm operates case by case in order to back up prior claims of accessibility and guidance. Clientele may be subjected to dismissal if guided advice offered by the firm is neglected, minimum fees will be charged under such circumstances.
    • Name: Tony Comment: Consider the prize pot topped up to $20,000 (+ $10,000 ). - The Balistrieri Corporation and Pink Swan Bar & Nightclub will also pay the top three contenders, at the following rate. - First Place + $4,000 - Second Place + $3,250 - Third Place + $2,750 I am hoping to see as many contenders as possible! 
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