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    • Good story mate, can't wait to read more 😆
    • Yeah, don't forget to give a seperate paragraph to describe jingle and jangle tattoos mate
    • Virtual Marketing Guide   This guide is for anyone who wishes to get started with VMing whether it is legal VM like selling drinks at a bar or illegal VM in the form of selling drugs.    What is Virtual Marketing?: Virtual Marketing also known as VMing is when a player passively sells a product such as drugs, alcohol or other items. There are various ways of performing a VM I will be explaining it below.  We have three different VM forms, therefore it is important that you fill out the correct one for the kind of VM you are performing. Drug VM Procedure:   Get a Screenshot with the timestamp on before you start roleplaying alongside a screenshot of your inventory which shows the amount of drugs on you. Whilst roleplaying selling the product to customers, ensure you get screenshots/logs of the roleplay. Place all screenshots into an imgur.com link. Open the correct VM form found HERE and fill it out accordingly before submitting.   Illegal Virtual Marketing(VM): Illegal VM is where you roleplay  selling any type of drug or other illegal items to an invisible NPC. This means you roleplay on your own and passive  the NPC characters you are selling to, such as roleplaying their reactions, actions, alongside describing the current situation, although if you see another player walking by don’t be afraid of approaching them and attempt on selling to a real player mid VMing. For this kind of VM you will need to use the Faction Team - Street Dealing VM Contact (OOC) click HERE in order to go directly to the form.   Example of VM roleplay: (/me) Mia McCarthy would look around herself as she’d move her left hand into her pocket, - (/do) She’d spot a skinny homeless male, mid 20s with ripped clothes walking slowly down the street - (/do) she would whistle softly to get his attention as she’d waved him over. (/me) Mia McCarthy would send the male a soft smile as she’d wrap her fingers around a little bag she’ll have in her pocket- (/do) before she would pull it out of the pocket, showing it to the man, keeping it close to herself- (/do) the male would look at the bag, as he would get a slight smile across his face. Mia McCarthy says: Interested? It can become yours for only 25 dollars. (/do) She grins at the guy as she’d pay attention to his reaction before looking around the area. (/do) the male nods as he digs into his pocket sliding up a few dollar bills, offering them to Mia. (/me) Mia McCarthy eyes the bills as she’d look at him, taking the bills before she’d lay the bag into his palm. Remember this is just an example of how roleplaying for a VM would look like, obviously it would need to be a lot longer over a period of time (minimum of an hour) for when someone is actually VMing, Please note that you are not allowed to re-use logs in any way. Legal Virtual Marketing(VM): The legal virtual market (VM) is intended to reward players who open businesses or participate in legal roleplay in a manner which promotes RP in a social setting with other players in the server, As we cannot possibly account for every legal business and activity, it is your own responsibility to provide us with enough logs, screenshots alongside names of the players you or your employees sold to. For this kind of VM you’ll need the Faction Team - Legal VM Contact (OOC) or click HERE in order to go directly to the form.   Examples of Legal VM Roleplay:   Bars Nightclubs Restaurant Fisheries For example, You open up a bar from 7PM till 9PM, and have you have for example 1 bartender and 2 guards working. In the hours you are open have 10 players who roleplay in the bar and buy drinks from you. Once the bar has closed, you can then submit a form for Legal VM in order to gain money for each employee that worked alongside the amount that you may have made from selling alcohol or any other goods. All this is determined by the amount of people who visited, the standards of the roleplay and other factors.  You need to post logs in the form of screenshots, alongside who attended the business. After submission a Faction team member will contact you to tell you how much you made during that session.    News and Entertainment VM:  For this kind of VM you’ll need the Faction Team - News & Entertainment VM Contact (OOC) or click HERE in order to go directly to the form.   What comes under the VM:   Entertainment Articles News Articles Music Records   For Entertainment Virtual Marketing you need to write up an article that covers an event, music or other IC situation, that is then posted on the forums. We advise you wait at least a week in order to gain the most coverage of the article before you submit the Entertainment VM contact form, as the reactions and comments all factor in to how much your article would have made. Signed,  OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Faction Team.  
    • Gonna add a section in sometime about how he got bored and got 17 tattoos for the shits and giggles 
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