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    • I am so glad that's what dev team are trying to achieve with their script. Intuitive and seamless.   Even better (Ear to the streets is the best way to learn what players need and want in regards of this perspective) yet, I do wonder how much are we willing to sacrifice? (What I mean should we focus on PURE realism or some RPG elements could be implented in place to make a system more attractive and lucrative?) Because with that in mind I do have a couple of thoughts and ideas in regards of drugs and other possible illicit activities systems.   True, there's always a risk for overlaping features and "breaking" the system all together which obviously neither a player nor administration wants that.   Care to elaborate about home breaking? Because with that in mind I will automatically assume that cars has a familiar system in place. (That could definitely help out for players to grasp a bigger picture and an idea what we could offer)   That paragraph sounds like a siren's song to my ears, mate. In regards of drugs market it seems developers are on the right path to allow players to examine purity of their created substances (mixing would be fun feature too... For example Marijuana liced with cocaine which not only would increase the strength of that specific drug, but it would allow players to go full hard on actually making a "niche" market for their product... Obviously staying in realism boundaries) Nevertheless, factions, organisations who wants to fully focus on drug market should be FORCED to invest their hard earned money in their equipment, property and whatnot in order to be efficient (better equipment - better purity of a certain drug perhaps?) and hell yeah, thank you lord Jesus for mentioning guns market here. If we will be allowed to customize and sell our guns that will surely greatly expand RP possibilities for everyone (would be fun to spend hours and hours manufacturing ammo).   I see, well, hearing these things from you, I am completely confident that devs are aware of "poor criminals" and what struggles we had to endure on our RP scene and if those ideas that you've mentioned are true and possibly work in progress I am goddarn happy about it.                
    • i have this underlying feeling that i've already said this, but addiction system would be a huge plus since it'd make things more immersive while providing more RP to both legal and illegal roleplayers. Scripting it wouldn't be difficult either since we're talking about GTA V so I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be implemented.
    • I think there should be an emphasis drug use and  effects otherwise we would have the same situation where people buy drugs to keep or VM. There should to be some kind of effect or perk to using a drug so it can be sold frequently.
    • https://gyazo.com/b7501a75e6c8db8edc6952fc99c68005
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