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    • For me, the game is a way to make your everyday life more fun and more exciting, it is an opportunity to escape from the boring realities, the opportunity to break the cycle of routines home-work-home-work! I started playing back in school at https://12betno1.com/. We played with the guys after school and DotA Allstars 5 x 5 for money. Two teams were throwing money together, and whoever won, took all the money. It was more fun to play that way. I never looked at gambling as a way to make money. I'm fully aware that you can't make money playing games. Or rather, you don't make money in the long run. I'll win today and lose tomorrow. But what stays with me is emotion.
    • Been over 5 years since my last appearance, so what's up old crowd, it's been a while. It has also been well over 5 years since I've set foot in the server, but it is odd to see the end of an era. This server was the proverbial playground for me; this is where I learned to roleplay and where I have met a lot of great friends.    Kudos to everyone that has kept all of this afloat for so long, it's been a good run.    To many great memories to mention everyone. There are too many people I would like to thank, so I will do so globally, thanks to those who have had a hand in all this and those who have provided me with amazing times, you know who you are.    For those willing to reconnect and reminisce about the old days, you can find me on discord at Oh hi Mark#0113
    • Man, that sounds great! Have you actually stepped up with this idea and made it a real thing? I think most of the gamers would be likely to find such a great place on their server. I mean, we would finally get something new to this game. I'm already tired of all the basic locations and quests. I want something new, something that would make the gameplay more enjoyable. Or, imagine adding something like wooricasino. And an online casino that you can access from the smartphone and play with the other players on the same server.
    • Often one hears opinions that bookmaker bonuses are a useless and even damaging thing, a weapon of bookmakers. Such opinions are unfair to all players. They have the same reason: the conditions of a particular bonus do not correspond to the usual manner of playing a person. Bonuses have requirements on the number of bets, the value of the odds, and the game's intensity. If under the terms of the bonus, you need to place three five-events express bets with odds of 1.8 or higher within a day, it is natural that such conditions would not appeal to a player who puts 1% of once a week his pot on odds of 1.25. So when I bet at the office https://w88kpi.com/, the first thing I pay attention to are the bonuses.
    • Wait, so there was another boat model back in the day? I'm pretty new to the game, and I didn't know that. I tried to change the model by myself on clientside. But, I mentioned the problems with the heavy synchronization. However, I think it was much worse back then. And the 300k price for a yacht was relatively reasonable compared to what we have right now. Honestly, I have a particular passion for yachts. I have adored them since I was a little kid. My goal is to buy one, but considering that I don't have enough money yet, I prefer to rent one from the local yacht rental near me. I do that almost two times per month.
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